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Are you ready to share the holidays with your loved ones but not sure which holiday music is right for you? Rather than relying on the old standards, why don't you mix it up a bit with electronic/dance versions of holiday music. We here at have compiled the following wrap-up of the different electronic holiday CDs that are in stores and online now!

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Pet Shop Boys - 'Christmas' EP

A strong five track EP of rereleased Pet Shop Boys material with a holiday theme. Most of the songs have been previously unreleased or available as limited releases on charity or fan-only EPs. The Christmas EP is an aural pleasure that can be treasured by all.

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Liquid 360 - "A Change Has Come (For Christmas)"

Lovers of synthpop rejoice, you've now got a synth pop Christmas song. Best known for their remixes and covers of Erasure ("Chains of Love") and Depeche Mode ("Strangelove"), the duo of Mitch Williams and Bruce Donally wrote a new electronic song with a great holiday sentiment. The production would fit perfectly on the recent Alphabeat CD - an 80s new wave synth vibe with enough modern sounds to make it feel current. While the children's voices might be a bit too precious sounding for some, Bruce's lead vocals carry the track. Definitely worth a download for electronic music lovers looking for holiday music that fits their genre.

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D1 Music Presents 'Club Christmas 3'

If you are a fan of Eurodance pop and are looking for some updated holiday classics for your annual festivities, do check out Club Christmas 3.

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Kristine W - 'Hey Mr. Christmas' EP

Even if you are wary of spending your money on holiday music that will only be played for a couple of weeks, this EP should still be on the top of your list to explore. It's great music that just happens to be holiday music. The tracks "Everyday's a Holiday" and "Wonder Of It All" will sound as good in July as they do in December. If you like upbeat pop-dance music with female vocals, you should definitely check out this holiday treat.

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Lady Gaga - "Christmas Tree"

Fans of "Just Dance" and "Pokerface," should check out this naughty holiday electropop record by the Lady Gaga. We might all want to spend time under her tree after watching the striptease - definitely a new way to spread holiday cheer. The guest rap by Space Cowboy definitely drives the point home. Who knew that Jamiroquai could sound so rugged?

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Evelyn DeMille - "All I Want For Christmas is You"

Yes, dance cover versions of holiday songs are almost inherently cheesy. Putting the CD of Evelyn Demille's version of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" into my computer, I was expecting the worst. The a capella intro caught my attention - I know this voice. She sounds so familiar and I just couldn't place it. Lovers of classic freestyle music will love this reboot of a modern holiday classic.

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D1 Music Presents 'Club Christmas 2'

Imagine if Muzak did dance versions of Christmas classics and you've got the basic of Club Christmas 2. The D1 crew (Peter McLean and Keith Kemper) produced this follow-up to the 2007 edition, Club Christmas.

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King Street Sounds - 'Christmas in the House'

Saving us from the annual torture session of tired classics rehashed for the holiday season, the masterful musicians of the King Street family have constructed the absolutely essential Christmas in the House. Aside from two superior instrumental tracks (Eric Kupper's conga-filled bossa nova take of "Silent Night" and Jihad Muhammad's samba jam session "It's Holiday Time"), the set is full of new vocal songs written to capture the spirit of the holiday season. If you like classy house music with a jazzy feel, this is the holiday CD for you.

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Cascada - "Last Christmas"

Cute and peppy are two accurate words to describe both Cascada and the music they create. Written and originally performed by Wham/George Michael, "Last Christmas" is easily the most recent holiday song to become a standard. Previously covered by Europopper Whigfield, Cascada's take succeeds with a midtempo production that suits Natalie's pleasing vocal performance. Although it's the b-side of the 2007 dance radio smash cover of Rascal Flats's "What Hurts the Most," Cascada's version of "Last Christmas" is a great addition to any dance music lover's holiday playlist -- especially if you were a fan of their Europop hit "Every Time We Touch."

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'Mistletoe Lounge'

A holiday-themed compilation of laid back House tracks and downtempo tunes, The Mistletoe Lounge generally leans more towards the instrumental side of things with the overall vibe of this album best defined by voxless, prettily House-ed up versions of Christmas standards like Lenny B's glistening take on "Feliz Navidad," J.A.C.E.'s jingle bell-led "Angels We Have Heard," Paul T.'s funked-up "Jingle Bells," or Groovecatcher's "O Come O Come, Emmanuel."

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'Holiday Remixed'

As a Jewish guy reviewing holiday music, I am at a disadvantage because I don't have the memories that most people associate with Christmas. It's as if the producers of Holiday Remixed took this into account and created a CD of tracks meant to inspire memories rather than enforce seasonal traditions with a variety of electronic styles including hiNRG, jazzy grooves, and piano house.

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D1 Music presents 'Club Christmas'

D1 Music presents Club Christmas.

Every holiday season brings a new batch of pop stars taking on the catalog of Christmas classics. But have you ever wondered what Europop instrumental versions of holiday classics would sound like? Neither did I, and as such, Club Christmas came as a welcome surprise.

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Christmas Chill CDs

Christmas chillout CDs? Are you kidding? Reviews of hOMe for the Holidays (Om Records), Christmas Remixed (Six Degrees) and The Reindeer Room Vol. 2 (Kriztal Entertainment).