Holiday Skits for Young Students

Now that December is here, the holidays are in full swing. To bring festivity into the classroom, grade school teachers can find a lot of free holiday skits on the internet.

Christmas Plays

For religious or private schools, Christian Crafters offers a long list of good-natured Christmas skits. Some are Biblically inspired, while others share warm-hearted stories of faith and holiday spirit.

Check out their list of free Christmas skits.

Another Christian themed website showcases an extensive catalog of free skits and plays celebrating the historical and mythical St. Nicholas.

Discover dozens of plays about this 3rd century bishop who eventually became known as old St. Nick!

Santa Claus and Non-religious Plays

For teachers looking for a more secular approach to holiday skits, Apples 4 the Teacher provides an abundance of creative resources for teachers.

Here’s a list of their Santa Claus sketches and other winter-themed plays.

Festival of Lights

Finally, there are a few sites that offer scripts for Hanukah.

The Tree of Light is a full length musical that can be performed, royalty-free, so long as teachers request permission from the playwright.

And for older students who might enjoy classic sketch comedy from vintage 1980s Saturday Night Live, read this whimsical skit about “Hanukah Harry.”

Each of these choices will bring laughter, fun, and creativity into your classroom… all the while spreading a bit of holiday cheer!

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