Holistic Health Kit Essentials

Items to Put in Your Medicine Bag

Holistic Shopping: Preparing a basic holistic health kit is relatively easy. Use your common sense in deciding what items should be included in your kit. I've listed below my personal choices as suggestions for staple items. Add or substitute items as you see fit, simply allow your inner guidance to assist you. After you have your kit stocked with the essentials don't forget to take it along with you on trips and outings.

I usually grab the bag of frozen peas for my ice aid emergencies. But with ice makers readily available in most refrigerators these days it might be fun to go Florence Nightingale Retro with this adorable vintage ice bag. Fill with cold water and ice for cold therapy. Or, fill it with warm water to use as a heat pack. Versatile and cute!
Combination of flower essence remedies that can be used in emergency situations and to stabilize trauma situations. It eases fear and restores one's state of calm and confidence.

Tea Tree Oil moisturizes your skin as it thoroughly cleans the residue left by environmental pollutants. For use on hands, face, and body. Tea Tree Oil Recipes

White Sage Smudging Stick
White Sage Smudging Stick. image courtesy of Isabella

Smoke from harvested and dried sage bundles can quickly clear a person's aura of toxicity and stagnant energies. For my smudging purposes I prefer using white sage that grows native in the US along the west coast because the odor it emits seems cleaner and crisper that other sage varieties. More »

Joint pain due to injury or arthritis is no laughing matter. The Bamboo Charcoal Knee Support sounds like it could offer relief. I've ordered one for my husband who is suffering from chronic knee pain. He has agreed to write a product review after wearing it for awhile (I'll link to his review from here after he has tried it.). Available in Small, Medium, or Large
Sea salt or epsom salt is a wonderful purifier, soaking in water enhanced with these salt granules will help detoxify you body. Great for relieving stress on sore tired feet in the evening of those long days traveling. Also therapeutic for sprains.
Be sure to have some quick energy snacks tossed into your holistic health kit. Emotional stress can often partner a depleted or lowered energy due to hunger or lack of nutrients. Crunchy raw almonds, sesame seed and honey bars, and energy juices are my favorite choices.

It's pure and simple.... our bodies need replenished with water regularly. Don't DRY UP and deprive yourself of the moisture and refreshment that a drink of water can offer. Love the planet by using filtered water in refillable stainless steel or aluminum water bottles.

Aloe is an herbal healer. Use it topically for burns, cuts and abraisions to expedite the healing process. Especially soothing for sunburns, dry skin, and chapped lips.

Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) is nature's immune booster. It is an important herbal remedy to have on hand for onset of colds and flu. Echinacea herb is beneficial treatment for upper respiratory difficulties.

Browse the Holistic Healing Shopping List to review suggestions of a variety of healing and inspiration gifts and products. More »

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