Reflexology Therapy and Insurance Claims

Tip for Appealing for Insurance Coverage for Reflexology Treatment

Alternative Physical Therapy
Reflexology Therapy and Insurance Claims. Ullstein Bild/Getty Images

Reflexology and other alternative medicine providers face difficulties billing insurance companies, and many are unsure as to whether the alternative treatments they provide can even be covered by health insurance. 

Insurance Coverage for Reflexology

For example, consider a reflexologist who works out of a podiatrist's office. The doctor's medical services are covered by the patient's health insurance policy as are certain types of physical therapy, but many times, reflexology treatments are not even though reflexology therapy can be of benefit. So, you may ask, is there any way for a reflexology treatment (which is a form of physical therapy) to be billed under insurance? 

Contact the Health Plan Case Manager

In the past, I have been successful getting reimbursed by health plans by appealing directly to the case manager. A few years ago, a friend asked me to help her get her reiki treatments covered by the no-fault insurance provider covering injuries sustained during a motor vehicle accident. I sent a personal letter to the case manager of an HMO and quite easily had the reiki reimbursed when they let me bill it under the massage therapy code. Consider that before it became an accepted, billable modality, massage therapy treatments were often billed as physical therapy as well through the same process.

Focus on Efficacy and Healing Time

Having a background in medical claims management, I understood the logic of case managers included cutting costs while getting the patient as healthy as possible as quickly as possible―especially when treating for injuries sustained from an accident.

My letter emphasized the benefits of the modality in question, such as stress reduction and reduced recuperation time and its ability to complement other treatments provided by modern medicine practices.

In my opinion, it would never hurt to write a personal letter to the groups who cover your patients and perhaps you may find some sympathetic individual case managers who can work things out with you.

Warren Leggiere is both an insurance professional and long time holistic practitioner. He is an internationally known consultant to the holistic community. As President of Holistic Benefits & Services, his path in life includes service to others as he "helps the helpers."