'Home Movies' Episode Guide

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'Home Movies' - Brendon Small with Remote
'Home Movies' - Brendon Small with Remote. Adult Swim

 was an early cartoon of Loren Bouchard's (Bob's Burgers). The show was animated in "Squigglevision" and recorded with a naturalistic, improv-style dialogue. Home Movies only lasted four seasons, although it's found new life on Adult Swim.

Season 1

"Get Away From My Mom"
April 26, 1999
Much to Brendon's chagrin, his mom goes on a date with Coach McGuirk.

"I Don't Do Well In Parent-Teacher Conferences"
May 3, 1999
The school considers holding Brendon back a grade when he won't finish his assignment, but his mom makes it worse in the conference.

"The Art Of The Sucker Punch"
May 10, 1999
Brendon films his first fight, with Shannon, the school bully.

"Brendon Gets Rabies"
May 17, 1999
Brendon and his family agree to watch the neighbor's cat, who runs away.

May 24, 1999
Brendon falls in love with Loni on the soccer team's camping trip.

"Director's Cut"
September 2, 2001
Brendon agrees to film Duane's rock opera based on Kafka's Metamorphisis, but they have creative differences.

"It Was Supposed To Be Funny"
September 9, 2001
Brendon makes a documentary about Melissa's grandfather. But when he finds the subject boring, he adds humor that isn't appreciated.

"Method Of Acting"
September 16, 2001
Brendon takes acting class and Paula teachs a creative writing class.

"Life Through A Fish Eye Lens"
September 23, 2001
Brendon asks his mom for an advance on his allowance to buy a fish eye lens, but when she refuses, he gets a job to pay for it.

"School Nurse"
September 30, 2001
Coach McGuirk and Jason fall for the attractive new school nurse, while Brendon fakes illness to get out of school.

"Mortgages And Marbles"
September 30, 2001
Coach McGuirk moves out of his apartment to buy a condo, before getting approved for a mortgage. Josie puts marbles up her nose, which prompts Brendon to make an educational film teaching kids not to do that.

"Law and Boarders"
October 7, 2001
Brendon gets hit by a car when he rides his bike the wrong way on the street.

Coach McGuirk ends up representing him in court. Meanwhile, Paula endures an unexpected visit from a college friend.

"Brendon's Choice"
October 7, 2001
Brendon wins a filmmaking award. During an interview about the award, Brendon realizes he's curious about his father. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk is ordered into anger management.

Season 2

January 6, 2002
Brendon wins the election for class president, but suspects Shannon, the school bully, had some influence. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk tries stand-up comedy.

"Identifying A Body"
January 13, 2002
Brendon raises money for a school walk-a-thon, which Coach McGuirk then spends. Paula asks her boss for a raise.

January 20, 2002
Brendon, Jason and Melissa take a hiatus in order to get their creative juices flowing. Paula is laid off from her job thanks to budget cuts.

"Business and Pleasure"
January 27, 2002
Jason and Melissa compete for bigger roles in Brendon's latest project, which is exhausting him. When he shows up for practice tired, Coach McGuirk thinks he's taking drugs. Paula gets help from Erik for her job search.

"The Party"
February 3, 2002
Brendon is asked to make a film about Fenton Mewly for his birthday party, but Brendon has a hard time finding anything good about him to film.

Meanwhile, Jason eats too much candy and freaks out.

February 10, 2002
Attempting to impress her, Brendon takes Cynthia to Jason's country club, but a waiter sees through the facade. Paula gets nervous about a typing test. Coach McGuirk pretends to be a body builder in order to get a date with a former schoolmate.

February 17, 2002
Brendon finally spends time with his father and his girlfriend, Linda. Coach McGuirk mentors a sickly student.

February 24, 2002
Brendon, his father and Linda, his father's girlfriend, attend family therapy. It takes a turn for the worse when the therapist begins analyzing Brendon's films.

"Class Trip"
March 3, 2002
Brendon's class takes a field trip to a hotel, where Brendon tries to film "on location." Coach McGuirk takes a second job making coffee.

March 10, 2002
Brendon's lack of historical knowledge becomes evident when he makes a sci-fi film starring George Washington, Picasso and Annie Oakley.

"Writer's Block"
March 17, 2002
Brendon can't come up with anything to write for the school writing fair. After Paula coaches him, she decides to get back to her own writing. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk suffers from insomnia.

"Pizza Club"
March 24, 2002
Coach McGuirk becomes jealous when Brendon and his father form a pizza club. Meanwhile, Paula campaigns for a part in Brendon's latest film.

"The Wedding"
March 31, 2002
Brendon claims to be fine when it's time for his dad to marry Linda, but a rash slowly covers his skin. Meanwhile, Paula's friend Stephanie develops a crush on Coach McGuirk.

Season 3

"Shore Leave"
August 4, 2002
Erik signs up Melissa in the Fairy Princesses in order for her to make more female friends. Brendon spends with weekend with Fenton after receiving an unexpected invitation.

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
August 11, 2002
Paula's nearly-divorced parents move into her house. She accidentally sets a kitchen fire, and Coach McGuirk volunteers to fix it up.

"Bad Influences"
August 18, 2002
After gaining too much weight from eating junk food together, Brendon and Jason vow never to see each other again.

"Improving Your Life Through Improv"
August 25, 2002
Everyone receives sensitivity training after Brendon teases a kid at school. Meanwhile, Paula secretly enters one of Brandon's films into a contest.

"Four's Company"
October 6, 2002
Brendon and Jason don't like Melissa's new boyfriend, Octavio, who speaks with a French accent.

October 13, 2002
Mr. Lynch decides to put on a renaissance fair. Brendon, Jason and Melissa join the fun by performing "King Arthur Meets Robin Hood." But tensions rise between the renaissance fair and the sci-fi con next door.

"My Cheatin' Heart"
October 13, 2002
Brendon's dad takes him golfing with an important client. Since Brendon can't golf, Coach McGuirk advises him to cheat. Meanwhile, Brendon wants to make a film that tells a story backwards, a la Memento.

October 27, 2002
Brendon, Jason and Melissa start a band. Meanwhile, Duane enters a guitar contest.

"Storm Warning"
November 3, 2002
A tornado is on its way! In the meantime, Coach McGuirk babysits the kids for Paula in return for her posing as his fiance in pictures he shows his sister.

"Time To Pay The Price"
November 10, 2002
Brendon, Jason and Melissa get sent to a "Scared Straight" program after getting caught filming on school grounds on a Saturday.

Plus, Paula watches all of Brendon's old films.

"Broken Dreams"
November 17, 2002
Both Melissa and Jason break their arms. Coach McGuirk tries to become a lifeguard.

November 24, 2002
Brendon, Jason and Melissa decide to run away to Europe. Coach McGuirk needs money to fix his car and a financial guru advises him to gamble.

"Coffins And Cradles"
May 25, 2003
It's Halloween. Brendon's stepmother gives birth and Coach McGuirk ends up at the same hospital after he has a heart attack. Jason eats too much candy and freaks out, again.

Season 4

"Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion"
November 9, 2003
Brendon becomes a reviewer for an online movie site, which gets him passes to the latest premiere. Coach McGuirk takes advantage of Mr. Lynch, who has become the interim principal.

"The Heart Smashers"
November 16, 2003
Brendon tries to end his friendship with Fenton Mewly, who is ruining his latest film. Paula tries to break up with her boyfriend. Coach McGuirk joins a gym, but blows out his pecs.

November 23, 2003
Brendon, Jason and Melissa make a thriller, hoping to be entered into a local film festival. Paula tries to get her money back after a hair disaster. Coach McGuirk flirts with a waitress at the diner.

November 30, 2003
Brendon makes an R-rated movie that upsets the neighborhood parents. Paula forces him to re-make it as G. Melissa gets upset when her dad, Erik, wants a girlfriend.

January 11, 2004
Brendon, Jason and Melissa attend a performing arts camp, led by Duane. Coach McGuirk attends a retreat for men, but gets lost in the woods when he runs away from their hugs.

"Bye Bye Greasy"
January 18, 2004
Brendon is selected to direct the school musical. Shannon, the school bully, casts himself as the lead.

"The Wizard's Baker"
February 8, 2004
Brendon joins the Skunk Scouts in order to abandon his latest film, a rock opera. Meanwhile, Jason and Melissa are still trying to raise money to finish it.

"Honkey Magoo"
February 29, 2004
The kids adopt a stray puppy, who ends up ruining just about everything, including Paula's house and their latest film.

"Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me"
March 7, 2004
Brendon cheats on a test for Mr. Lynch. Coach McGuirk tries cheating at traffic school, with the help of Melissa. Meanwhile, Jason is stalking a fifth grader he has a crush on.

"Cho and The Adventures Of Amy Lee"
March 14, 2004
Brendon accidentally scores a goal, and ruins the perfect record of a bully goalie.

"Definite Possible Murder"
March 21, 2004
An homage to Hitchcock's Rear Window, Brendon is laid up in his room with a leg injury. He suspects his new neighbor may possibly be up to something... maybe. Coach McGuirk goes to bartending school.

"Temporary Blindness"
March 28, 2004
Coach McGuirk goes blind after having laser eye surgery. Brendon, Jason and Melissa resist doing their latest school project, a family tree.

"Focus Grill"
April 4, 2004
Brendon, Jason and Melissa screen their latest film for a focus group made up of their friends. Coach McGuirk tries to assemble a new grill for Paula.