Homeschool Planning and Organizational Tips

Put the Clean-Slate Feel of a New Year to Work for Your Homeschool

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With the fresh start of a new year, January is a prime time for focusing on planning and organizing. This is true for homeschooling families, as well. This round-up of planning and organizing articles will help you prune time-wasters and become a master planner in your homeschool.

How to Write a Homeschooling Philosophy Statement

Learning how to write a homeschooling philosophy statement is an often over-looked, but logical first step in homeschooling planning and organization. If you have a clear picture of why you’re homeschooling and what you hope to accomplish, it’s much easier to figure out how to get there.

A philosophy statement can also be helpful for parents of teens in explaining to colleges what your student has learned in your homeschool. This article offers a peek into the author's personal homeschool philosophy statement to give you a model for your own.

How to Write Homeschool Lesson Plans

If you still don't quite have a handle on the hows and whys of homeschool lesson planning, don't miss this article. It outlines several scheduling options and basic methods of lesson planning. It also features practical tips for writing realistic lesson plans that will allow plenty of room for flexibility.

Homeschool Daily Schedules

Get yourself and your kids organized in the new year by refining your homeschool daily schedule. Whether you prefer detailed plans or simply a predictable daily routine, these scheduling tips take into account your family's schedule and your kids' peak productivity times.

Homeschool schedules are as varied as the families they represent, so there is no right or wrong schedule. However, these tips can help you to work out the most effective schedule for your unique family.

Teach Kids Organization With a Homeschool Schedule

Daily schedules aren't just for homeschooling parents. They are an excellent resource for teaching kids organizational and time management skills that they can use throughout their lives. The freedom and flexibility of homeschooling allows kids the opportunity to practice structuring their day and managing their time while under the guidance of their parents.

Learn how to create a homeschool schedule for your students and the benefits of doing so.

4 Steps to Writing Your Own Unit Studies

You may want to work on planning your own unit studies in the upcoming year. Doing so is not as intimidating as it may sound and can actually be quite enjoyable. This article outlines four practical steps for writing your own topical studies based on your kids’ interests. It includes scheduling tips to help you get the most out of each unit without overwhelming yourself or your kids.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeschool Parents

These 5 spring cleaning tips are also perfect for a mid-year organizational purge. Discover practical tips for dealing with all the papers, projects, books, and supplies that homeschooling families tend to accumulate over the year. A January purge may be just what you need to start the second semester clutter-free and focused.

10 Homeschool Support Group Topic Ideas

If you’re a leader in your local homeschool group, chances are your New Year planning will include outings and events for your homeschool group. This article offers 10 support group topic ideas, including several that will be applicable in the first few months of the new year, including:

  • Identifying and coping with learning struggles
  • Overcoming – or avoiding – homeschool burnout
  • Combating spring fever
  • How to wrap up your homeschool year

Homeschool Field Trips

Whether you’re planning field trips for your homeschool group or just for your family, this planning article is a must-read. It outlines practical tip for stress-free planning and offers field trip destination suggestions that will appeal to a wide variety of student ages and interests.

If you’re like the majority of the population, this is the time of year that you’re focused on planning and organizing for the fresh start of a new year. Don’t overlook the opportunity to do so for the fresh start of your next homeschool semester!

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