Free Printable Home School Record-Keeping Forms

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Teaching and running a home school requires a lot of administrative organization. You have to keep track of attendance and educational progress. These free printable forms will help you stay organized and make life that much easier. Use these printouts to take attendance throughout the year and to ensure that you are fulfilling the regional physical education requirement.

Attendance Form

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Print the pdf: Attendance Record Form.

This form is for keeping a record of your student's attendance for the entire school year, from August through July. Print out an attendance form for each student. On the form, mark each day that educational instruction or activity took place and whether the student was present. Check your state's requirements for the required number of attendance days, which is typically 180 days annually.

Physical Education Form

Physical Education Record Keeping Form

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Print the pdf: Physical Education Record Keeping Form.

The physical education requirement varies from state to state and region to region. Use this form to keep track of the activities performed each day to have an accurate record that the requirement was met.

Put the requirement in the upper right-hand box and record the activities and time each day. Total the time for the week. Each form has space for two weeks of activities.

For example, in California, the requirement is for at least 200 minutes of physical education for each 10 school days. That comes out to 100 minutes a week, or 20 minutes a day. Each form should total 200 minutes for the two-week period. Adjust as necessary to meet the requirements of your area.

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