Homophone List for ESL Learners - F - L

This homophone list provides a homophone worksheet for each homophone pair (or in some cases list of three) with definitions and example sentences.

The homophone list focuses on the most important homophones for English learners and as such does not include all homophones.

A homophone is defined as one of two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ in meaning, such as too (also) and two (the number).

Homophone List F - L

facts - fax

facts - noun -> things objectively considered 'true'
The facts pointed to Mr Smith as the criminal.

fax - noun -> a document transmitted via telephone
I sent a fax to the office in Chicago.

fair - fare

fair - adjective -> light skinned, of light complexion
She is fair with long blond hair.

fare - noun -> cost of ticket (generally travel)
I paid fifteen dollars for the fare.

fairy - ferry

fairy - noun -> a magic person or being
The tooth fairy brings $1 for each tooth.

ferry - noun -> a boat that transports cars and other vehicles
We took the ferry to Sardinia last summer.

find - fined

find - verb -> to discover
I often find coins at the beach.

fined - adjective -> charged a penalty
He was fined $50 for illegal parking.

flour - flower

flour - noun -> powdered grain used for cooking
I want to make some cookies. Could you pick up a bag of flour at the supermarket?

flower - noun -> beautiful blooming part of a plant
That flower is beautiful!

for - four

for - preposition
I bought these for you.

four - number -> 4
She wants to bring four friends with her to the party.

foreword - forward

foreword - noun -> introduction to a book
Timothy Leary wrote the foreword to Ken's book.

forward - adjective -> advancing
We moved forward in the line.

gene - jean

gene - noun -> a chromosome
The X gene is responsible for eye colour.

jean - noun -> fabric
Jeans are made of jean.

grease - Greece

grease - noun -> lubricant, fat
He put some grease on the wheel.

Greece - proper noun -> the country
Greece is considered the birthplace of western philosophy.

groan - grown

groan - noun -> low sound expressing displeasure
Students often groan when I announce a test.

grown - verb -> past participle of the verb 'to grow'
My daughter has grown quite a bit this year.

hair - hare

hair - noun -> the collective strands on your head
She's got long brown hair.

hare - noun -> similar to a rabbit
He shot a hare while in the field.

hay - hey

hay - noun -> dried grass often used as food for cattle, horses, etc.
We spent last week collecting hay from the fields.

hey - expression -> shout
Hey! Watch out!

heal - heel

heal - verb -> to cure a disease
Doctors heal thousands of patients a year.

heel - noun -> the back part of the foot or shoe
I hurt my heel playing tennis.

hear - here

hear - verb -> to listen
Did you hear what he said?

here - adverb -> at this place
Is this your book here?

hi - high

hi - salutation -> Hello
Hi! How are you today?

high - adjective -> tall, way up
Mount Rainier is extremely high.

hoarse - horse

hoarse - adjective -> rough voice
Your voice is hoarse. Do you have a cold?

horse - noun -> animal
Cowboy Tom had a horse named Joe.

hole - whole

hole - noun -> round opening
There is a hole in the wall we need to repair.

whole - adjective -> entire
He ate the whole pie!

hour - our

hour - noun -> sixty minutes
It took one hour to finish the exercise.

our - possessive adjective -> belonging to us
That's our house on the corner.

knight - night

knight - noun -> warrior from the middle ages
Arthur was a knight of the round table.

night - noun -> evening to early morning
I went to bed late last night.

knot - naught - not

knot - noun -> fastening in a cord
He tied a knot to secure the rope.

naught - noun -> nothing
His efforts came to naught.

not - adverb -> in no way
It's not her fault.

know - no

know - verb -> to have knowledge
They didn't know where she had studied.

no - adverb -> expresses refusal
No! I don't want to come!

leased - least

leased - verb -> past form of 'lease': to rent
They leased they office for three months.

least - superlative adjective -> the minimum
She was the least successful of the candidates.

loan - lone

loan - verb -> to allow someone to borrow
Can you loan me some money until tomorrow?

lone - adjective -> the only one
She is the lone person who speaks French.

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