Homophone List for ESL Learners - M - R

This homophone list provides a homophone worksheet for each homophone pair (or in some cases list of three)with definitions and example sentences.

The homophone list focuses on the most important homophones for English learners and as such does not include all homophones.

A homophone is defined as one of two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ in meaning, such as too (also) and two (the number).

Homophone List M - R

made - maid

made - verb -> past tense of the verb 'to make'
She made me a cup of tea.

maid - noun -> domestic help
The maid cleaned the room.

mail - male

mail - noun -> post
I got a lot of mail today.

male - adjective -> relative to men
His male friends are crazy!

marry - merry

marry - verb -> to join in matrimony
Is a pastor going to marry them?

merry - adjective -> happy
We had a merry time at the pub.

meat - meet

meat - noun -> animal flesh
I really don't like horse meat.

meet - verb -> to see someone, to be introduced
Let's meet next week.

mince - mints

mince - verb -> to chop finely
Can you mince that parsley?

mints - noun plural -> type of sweet
I enjoy After Eight mints.

missed - mist

missed - verb -> past tense of verb 'to miss'
I missed the airplane and had to book another flight.

mist - noun -> light fog
Ireland is famous for mist.

morning - mourning

morning - noun -> am
Let's meet tomorrow morning at nine.

mourning - noun -> remember the dead
She was in mourning for three years.

none - nun

none - pronoun -> not one
None of the students came to the party.

nun - noun -> woman of God (Catholic)
The nun helped the children understand the song.

one - won

one - number -> 1
Only one man came to the presentation.

won - verb -> past tense of the verb 'to win'
I won a prize at the competition.

pail - pale

pail - noun -> bucket
Use that pail to hold the water.

pale - adjective -> light colored
She looks rather pale.

pear - pair

pear - noun -> a type of fruit
She ate a pear for lunch.

pair - noun -> two (usually matching)
I bought a new pair of shoes last weekend.

patience - patients

patience - noun -> quality of being willing to wait
Success requires a lot of patience.

patients - noun plural -> person treated in a hospital or by a doctor
There are too many patients waiting in the emergency room.

piece - peace

piece - noun -> part of something
I had a piece of pie for dessert.

peace - noun -> the state of no war
We all hope to live in peace.

plain - plane

plain - adjective -> not fancy
The food was rather plain in England.

plane - noun -> short for 'airplane'
The plane took off at six in the morning.

practice - practise

practice - noun -> a period of training generally for sport or music
I went to practice after school was finished.

practise - verb -> to train for music
I practise the piano for two hours every day.

rain - reign

rain - noun -> precipitation
I can't stand rain! I prefer sunny weather.

reign - noun -> period of rule
Queen Elizabeth the Second's reign continues to this day.

read - red

read - verb -> past tense of the verb 'to read'
I read Rabbit At Rest last week.

red - color
My favorite color is red.

right - write

right - adjective -> correct
That answer is right!

write - verb -> to put something down on paper
I prefer to write my letters in pen.

road - rode

road - noun -> street
I took the country road instead of taking the freeway.

rode - verb -> past tense of the verb 'ride'
He rode a horse last weekend.

rose - rows

rose - noun -> flower
I gave my girlfriend a red rose for her birthday.

rows - noun plural -> horizontal line of something
There are fifteen rows in the theater.

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