Homophone List for ESL Learners From S - Z

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This homophone list provides a worksheet for each homophone pair (or in some cases list of three) with definitions and example sentences. The list focuses on the most important homophones for English learners, and as such, is not all-encompassing.

A homophone is defined as one of two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ in meaning, such as too (also) and two (the number).

Homophone List S - Z

  • sail - sale

sail - verb -> to go by sailboat
They often sail at weekends.

sale - noun -> selling at reduced prices
Let's go to the sale at the supermarket this afternoon.

  • scene - seen

scene - noun -> visual location
The scene was set in the south of France.

seen - verb -> past participle of the verb 'to see'
I haven't seen him in years!

  • sea - see

sea - noun -> large body of water
We took a ferry across the sea.

see - verb -> to visualize
Can you see him over there?

  • sew - so

sew - verb -> to use needle and thread
Most people don't sew their own clothes.

so - adverb -> to a great extent, very
The test was so difficult I almost failed.

  • sole - soul

sole - adjective -> the only one
She was the sole person to understand him.

soul - noun -> immortal part of a person
Many people believe that the soul goes to heaven when we die.

  • son - sun

son - noun -> male child
Our son goes to Harvard!

sun - noun -> the star that lights our solar system
The sun shone bright yesterday.

  • stair - stare

stair - noun -> step
Be careful of that stair — it's broken.

stare - verb -> to look at steadily
Don't stare at that woman! It's rude.

  • steal - steel

steal - verb -> to take unlawfully
I think there should be no punishment for people who steal food to survive.

steel - noun -> metal
Most cars have some steel in their body.

  • suite - sweet

suite - noun -> large room in a hotel
They stayed in the honeymoon suite.

sweet - adjective -> the opposite of sour
Candy is very sweet.

  • their - there

their - possessive adjective -> belonging to them
That's their house on the corner.

there - adverb -> at or in that place
Please sit over there.

  • threw - through

threw - verb -> past tense of the verb 'to throw'
He threw the ball to his father.

through - preposition -> passing from one place to another
He went through the tunnel.

  • to - too - two

to - preposition -> towards (among many uses)
I went to him and offered my congratulations.

too - adverb -> also
Tom visited New York, too.

two - number -> 2
She bought two magazines and some candy.

  • vary - very

vary - verb -> to change
Results may vary with daily or weekly use.

very - adverb -> to a high degree
She was very happy to see Jim.

  • waist - waste

waist - noun -> area between ribs and hips
I need to reduce the fat around my waist.

waste - verb -> to not use well
Don't waste time! Start studying!

  • wait - weight

wait - verb -> to remain ready for someone or something
Can you wait just a moment?

weight - noun -> an amount of heaviness
I wish my weight were lower.

  • war - wore

war - noun -> armed conflict
The war in Iraq is damaging relations with the rest of the world.

wore - verb -> past tense of the verb 'to wear'
He wore a beautiful suit to the interview.

  • wear - where

wear - verb -> to attire
Models generally wear jeans and not the expensive clothes they show on the walkway.

where - question word
Where does he come from?

  • weak - week

weak - adjective -> opposite of strong
My left arm is very weak. I need to do some exercises.

week - noun -> seven days
My work week is very long and hard.

  • weather - whether

weather - noun -> the meteorological conditions
The weather has been quite beautiful this week.

whether - conjunction -> whether ... or - indicates an alternative
I don't know whether he will come or not.

  • which - witch

which - question word -> indicating choice among many
Which vacation should we choose?

witch - noun -> magic woman
Sarah was burned as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials.

  • wood - would

wood - noun -> material coming from trees
The desk is made out of wood.

would - verb -> conditional auxiliary
I would like to visit you soon.

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