Honda CR-V Repair and Service Manual

Get Your Honda CR-V Repair Manual

repair manual
You really need a proper repair manual for your CR-v or Civic.


If you don't already have a repair manual for your Honda CR-V, you need one. You should buy a service and repair manual today, working on your car without a manual handy is a ticking time bomb no matter how mechanically inclined you may be. Don't pay too much, there are great deals out there! You can order a manual from and get it delivered to your house before your next repair or maintenance project!

Why do you need a repair manual anyway? Let's say that you need to make some electrical repairs on your headlight wiring harness. You'll need very specific wiring information including what color each wire is, where the wires are routed through the vehicle and maybe even some troubleshooting information. All of this is contained in the complete wiring diagram, which is included in every proper repair manual. The info in a repair manual is specific to the make, model and year of your car or truck, meaning you'll always have an accurate guide to make your repairs, troubleshoot any problems your Honda is giving you, or keep up with your seasonal maintenance schedule. 

Can't you just get all of the info you need online? Or watch a video on how it's done? Stop! Ok, I will admit that there is a lot of great info available online to help you with car repairs or troubleshooting. But there is also a lot of really, really, bad information.

How will you be able to tell the difference? A real repair manual published by a reliable book company will keep you out of trouble. Besides, what are you going to do when you need to reference a photo? Believe me when I tell you that an iPad is not a good companion to your auto repair job. But a traditional repair manual can be dragged around, tossed aside, stained with grease -- and still remain completely serviceable.


I'm always shocked at how many home mechanics I see working on their car without a manual. They are moving along fine, then suddenly they realize they don't know where to go from there, or they didn't know that they needed a torx bit to remove the next bolt. All of a sudden they're trying to get a ride to the auto parts store so they can finish their repair before it gets dark and still make it to work in the morning. You don't want to be those guys, right? You want to be the person who's prepared, gets the job done quickly, and moves on. Get the manual.