Mandarin Chinese Hotel Vocabulary

Businesswoman check in at reception desk, Beijing, China
Businesswoman check in at reception desk, Beijing, China. BJI/Blue Jean Images/Getty Images

Major Chinese and Taiwanese hotels almost always have the English-speaking staff to assist travelers from Western countries. Hotels in out-of-the-way tourist destinations, however, may not have anyone available who speaks English, so this list of common hotel vocabulary will help you.

Be sure to practice these words and phrases well before your departure date. The hardest part about Mandarin vocabulary is the tones, which can give a word different meanings. The proper use of tones will make your Mandarin easy to understand.

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English Pinyin Chinese Characters
hotel lǚ guǎn 旅館
room fáng jiān 房間
room with shared bath pǔtōng fáng 普通房
suite tào fang 套房
single room dān rén fáng 單人房
double room shuāng rén fáng 雙人房
deposit yā jīn 押金
check in bào dào 報到
stay in a hotel zhù lǚ guǎn 住旅館
reserve a room dìng fángjiān 訂房間
luggage xíng li 行李
parking lot tíngchē chǎng 停車場
restaurant cāntīng 餐廳
front desk fú wù tái 服務臺
wake-up call jiào xǐng 叫醒
bath mù yù 沐浴
shower lín yù 淋浴
television diàn shì 電視
telephone diàn huà 電話
elevator diàn tī 電梯
I have a reservation. Wǒ yùdìng le. 我預定了。
I would like a double room. Wǒ yào shuāng rén fang. 我要雙人房。
I would like a room with a… Wǒ xiǎng yào yǒu… de fángjiān. 我想要有…的房間。
Where is the elevator? Diàn tī zài nǎli? 電梯在哪裡?
I would like a wake-up call for (time). Qǐng (time) jiào xǐng wǒ. 請 (time) 叫醒我。
I would like to check out. Wǒ yào tuì fang. 我要退房。
The bill is incorrect. Zhàng dān bú duì. 帳單不對。
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