Hottest Gay Male Characters on Soap Operas Today

Sexy Gay Men Rock Daytime

We've chosen the hottest gay male characters on soap operas today. Sexy, steamy, smoldering -- however you describe them, to us they're simply the hunkiest gay men to ever populate daytime soaps. From students and lab technicians to legal eagles and gay rights, in our opinion these are the gorgeous gay guys who've made us laugh, cry... and drool on our remote controls.

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Luke Snyder portrayed by Van Hansis on 'As the World Turns'

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There's a lot to be said for being persistent. Not only can it get you what you want, but it's ultra sexy. Case in point, Luke Snyder. As played by hunk Van Hansis, Luke is sizzling, sexy and sultry, and since first laying his dazzling, languid eyes on his ATWT-boyfriend Noah, he knew he just had to have him.

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Kyle Lewis portrayed by Brett Claywell on 'One Life to Live'

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After washing himself of his bad boy ways, Brett Claywell as naughty hunk Kyle Lewis is sugar and spice and still everything sexy nice--especially when it comes to his boyfriend, Fish. He is just so smokin' hot the way that he shows his love to Fish; the way that he kisses, smiles, and touches him.

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Rafe Torres portrayed by Yani Gellman on 'The Young and the Restless'

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Not only is Rafe Torres an out gay man, he's an out gay lawyer...with the sexiest hair on the planet. Rafe stays true to himself and others, which makes him nothing short of sexy. But we're thinking a love interest for this brooding, smokin' good guy wouldn't hurt

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Nick Chavez portrayed by Nicholas Rodriguez on 'One Life To Live'

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Full of gay pride, Nick Chavez doesn't take heat from any of the naysayers, and his "bring it on" attitude is, well, so sexy. Having protested in support of marriage equality he's also gorgeous, soulful and passionate. Sure, he did a little lying and scheming to try and get Luke, but hey, sometimes love makes you do crazy things...

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Billy Douglas portrayed by Ryan Phillipe on 'One Life to Live'

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If you were watching OLTL back in the day, you'll recall Billy Douglas, the first gay teenager to be portrayed on daytime television. It wasn't simply his gorgeous soft blonde curls that gave him sex appeal, but his courage to come out of the closet. Very provocative, Billy's role only lasted one year, but that year gave him the time he needed to show off his sexy bad boy style.

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