House and Senate Agendas and Resources

1st Session of the 116th U.S. Congress

The US Capitol circa 1900. Getty Images Archives

The House of Representatives and the Senate make up the two “chambers” of the Legislative Branch of the United States federal government. Their daily agendas of legislative business are determined by their presiding officers.

In the House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House sets the daily agenda, while the Senate’s legislative calendar is set by the Senate majority leader in consultation with the chairmen and ranking members of the various Senate committees.

116th U.S.Congress, 2nd Session

Agenda items listed here are those published in the Daily Digest of the Congressional Record. The agendas are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the presiding officers.

House Agenda for February 9, 2021: House will meet in Pro Forma session.

Note: The rules of suspensions are a shortcut in the legislative process allowing bills with little or no opposition to be grouped together on a "Suspensions Calendar" and passed en-masse by a voice vote without debate. There is no corresponding rule of suspensions in the Senate.

Senate Agenda for February 9, 2021: Senate will resume consideration of the Article of Impeachment against Donald John Trump, former President of the United States.

Political Makeup of the House

221 Democrats - 211 Republicans - 3 Vacancies 

Political Makeup of the Senate

50 Republicans - 50 Democrats

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