How to Pronounce Household Items in Chinese

Naming Furniture and Fixtures in Chinese

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When you're first starting to learn a new language, it's a good idea to learn the names of objects that surround you and that you come across every day. That way, you can repeatedly practice your new vocabulary words each time you encounter the object.

In that regard, household items like tables, chairs, and cutlery are great words to know for beginner-level language learners. 

For Mandarin Chinese students, here is a list of common household items, complete with audio files for pronunciation and listening practice.

Bath towel

English: Bath towel
Pinyin: yùjīn
Chinese: 浴巾

Audio Pronunciation


English: Bathtub
Pinyin: yù gāng
Chinese: 浴缸

Audio Pronunciation


English: Bed
Pinyin: chuáng
Chinese: 床

Audio Pronunciation


English: Cabinet
Pinyin: chú guì
Chinese: 廚櫃 / 厨柜 (traditional / simplified)

Audio Pronunciation


English: Chair
Pinyin: yǐzi
Chinese: 椅子

Audio Pronunciation

Coffee Table

English: Coffee Table
Pinyin: chá jī
Chinese: 茶几

Audio Pronunciation


English: Curtains
Pinyin: chuāng lián
Chinese: 窗簾

Audio Pronunciation


English: Dresser
Pinyin: yīguì
Chinese: 衣櫃 / 衣柜

Audio Pronunciation


English: Fireplace
Pinyin: bìlú
Chinese: 壁爐 / 壁炉

Audio Pronunciation


English: Lamp
Pinyin: táidēng
Chinese: 檯燈 / 台灯

Audio Pronunciation


English: Pillow
Pinyin: zhěntou
Chinese: 枕頭 / 枕头

Audio Pronunciation

Rocking chair

English: Rocking chair
Pinyin: yáo yǐ
Chinese: 搖椅 / 摇椅

Audio Pronunciation


English: Sofa
Pinyin: shāfā
Chinese: 沙發 / 沙发

Audio Pronunciation


English: Television
Pinyin: diànshì
Chinese: 電視 / 电视

Audio Pronunciation


English: Toilet
Pinyin: mǎ tǒng
Chinese: 馬桶 / 马桶

Audio Pronunciation

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