How do Hybrid Batteries Re-charge? Do I Need to Plug a Hybrid In?

Question: How do Hybrid Batteries Re-charge? Do I Need to Plug a Hybrid In?


Regular hybrids recharge their batteries by reclaiming energy through a process called regenerative braking and/or while driving on engine power. Regular hybrids do not need to be plugged in. When the battery is heavily taxed by a lot of electric motor usage without a lot of braking, the internal combustion engine picks up the slack while the battery comes back up to charge.

In order to increase electric motor cruising time, some manufacturers are creating plug-in hybrids that have more powerful batteries which can be recharged by “plugging in” the vehicle to normal household current. This feature allows the vehicle to perform more like a true electric car and less like a conventional gasoline car, all the while delivering exceptional fuel mileage.

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