How Do I Find a Local RC Race Track?

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Question: How Do I Find a Local RC Race Track?


Many RC racers rely entirely on their own backyard tracks or simply racing their friends at local parks. But to prepare for and participate in serious competitions you may want to use a more official RC race track.

Using the resources on this page, if there's an RC race track near you one of these sites probably has it listed.

Answer: Your local hobby shop may have an RC track right on the premises.

At the very least the associates there can point you to local RC tracks or clubs that hold regular races at tracks they set up especially for their weekly or monthly events. For some tracks and events it may be necessary to be a member of the local RC club (find an RC club) and/or a member of one of the national organizations before you and your RC are allowed on the track.

Use these online resources to find listings for local RC clubs and tracks: