How Do I Start Skateboarding?

Beginner Skateboarding Gear. Photo: Steve Cave

I get asked from time to time, "How do I start skateboarding?" That's actually a GREAT question, and deeper than you might know!

Learning to skateboard is all about pushing yourself to do it, and commitment.

Push Yourself

If you think skateboarding looks cool, and you'd like to give it a try, then that's great! Go for it! But let me warn you - to get really good at skateboarding, you are probably going to get hurt a few times.

Skateboarding is just like that. And, it's going to be frustrating. You might learn one trick just fine, but then have a REALLY hard time learning another one. Again, skateboarding is just like that. Skateboarding is tough, and you should know that going into it.


And that's where commitment comes in. You really need to put your entire self into skateboarding, if you want to do much more than just ride around. Not that "just riding around" is bad - that's great, and a lot of fun, but if you want to learn tricks and progress as a skater, you can't be holding back.

Now I'm not saying you need to commit by buying skater clothes and getting a punk attitude - what I'm saying is, that when you skate, you can't do it half way. If you are trying to learn to ollie, and you only try with half of yourself, then you will either do a lame little ollie only about an inch off the ground, or you'll fall.

And then, if you fall and are only half into it, then there's a good chance you'll give up.

DON'T DO IT! Stay committed! This is a valuable skill that will help you for the rest of your life. And, you'll be a much better person for having learned it.

So, how do I start again?

For some easy steps to follow, read Just Starting Out Skateboarding.

Basically, you need to get a board, get out there and ride it! If you don't have a board, that's another problem. Beg, borrow, whine, work, trade or talk your way into getting one! And most of all, have fun. That's the main point, isn't it?