How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last?

Yagi Studio/Getty Images

Question: How long do pointe shoes last?

Answer: Depending on your experience level, your pointe shoes will last anywhere from a few hours up to 12 hours of dancing. For example, if you attend an hour long pointe class once per week, your pointe shoes will last for approximately three months. Of course, if you are new to pointe, your shoes will not wear out as quickly as a more experienced dancer's.

Why Do Pointe Shoes Wear Out So Fast?

Several factors affect how long your pointe shoes will last including the types of steps you are performing, the humidity level in your dance studio, the amount of perspiration your feet produce, and how you take care of your shoes between classes. You can prolong the life of your pointe shoes by taking proper care of them.

Which Pointe Shoe Brand Lasts the Longest?

Some brands of pointe shoes last longer than others, depending on how the pointe shoes are manufactured. Some pointe shoes are designed to be performance shoes and tend to wear out rather quickly. If you are new to pointe ballet, it's a good idea to schedule a pointe shoe fitting at a local dancewear shop. A professional fitter will be able to guide you toward the pointe shoe that will be most beneficial to you.