How Long is a Typical Ski Season?

Ski season length depends on location, elevation and snow conditions. Copyright Malcolm Park/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Question: How Long is a Typical Ski Season?

Answer: The length of a typical ski season varies by mountain, and by location. The average length of a ski season is five - six months, but some mountains are able to stay open longer due to higher elevations, colder temperatures, or extensive snowmaking systems.

In northeast America, Killington Ski Resort gets over 250 inches of natural snow each year and has the country's largest snowmaking system.

Because of this, Killington has the longest ski season in the Northeast. The ski season is Killington generally starts in November, and Killington usually closes during the month of April.

In western America, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area opens in November. However, Mammoth Mountain is open for a long time and in some seasons, Mammoth doesn't close until the 4th of July!

The ski season really does vary by mountain and location, as well as snowfall, but during a winter with average snowfall and normal conditions, the ski season will last 5-6 months.

Ski Season Opening Days
Projected ski season opening days. Keep in mind that depending on the whims of mother nature, ski resorts could open early or openings could be delayed. Before you head to the slopes, check directly with the ski resort to confirm that it's open.

Ski and Snow Reports
Ski reports, snow reports, snow making, open trail information, as well as reports on the amount of new and base snow, for U.S. and International ski resorts.