How Many Calories Do You Burn Skiing?

Calories Burned Skiing and Snowboarding

Skier downhill
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Skiing and snowboarding aren't just a fun way to get fresh air in the winter; they're also excellent activities for burning calories. How many calories you burn largely depends on how hard you're skiing and the terrain you're on. On average, downhill skiing and snowboarding can burn about 300 to 600 calories per hour. Now, that's for downhill (alpine) skiing, and it doesn't count for time spent waiting in lift lines or riding up on the chairlift.

Cross-country skiers burn more calories -- between 400 and 875 per hour -- and there are no lift lines or chair rides for breaks. 

Calories Burned Downhill Skiing

An average-size adult (150 pounds) can burn the following calories while skiing:

  • Light effort: 250 - 300 calories per hour
  • Moderate effort: 340 - 400 calories per hour
  • vigorous effort or racing: 475 - 600 calories per hour

A larger adult (200 pounds) can burn about one-third more calories per hour. 

Calories Burned Snowboarding

An adult between 110 and 200 pounds can burn between 250 and 630 calories per hour snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding require similar amounts of effort. Learning to snowboard may put you at the higher side of the calorie-burn range because you get an upper body workout picking yourself up off of the snow so frequently (everyone falls a lot when learning to snowboard).  

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