How much do dance classes cost?

Female ballet dancer (6-7,8-9) in dance studio
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How much do dance classes cost?

"My daughter desperately wants to take dance classes. I have checked out a few dance schools to get an idea about the cost of classes. Realistically, how much do I need to budget, in terms of time and money commitment?"

Cost considerations

Many little girls fantasize about becoming professional ballerinas, though very few ever will. Ballet is very demanding, both physically and mentally.

However, you get out of ballet what you put into it.

If your daughter has serious ambitions of becoming a professional dancer, her training will become extremely rigorous, usually at around 12 years of age. She will be required to take classes five or six days per week, sometimes more than one class per day. Most professional dancers begin dancing full-time while their peers are finishing high school.

On the other hand, maybe your daughter would prefer to study ballet as a hobby, just for the fun of it. Ballet is beneficial in many ways. Aside from giving a child an appreciation of music and dance, ballet also develops coordination and flexibility. It instills a certain amount of discipline and provides children with friends of similar interests.

As far as commitment for ballet as a hobby is concerned, expect to pay somewhere around $60 to $150 per month for tuition, depending on the number of classes your daughter decides to take each week.

In addition to tuition, there is the cost of dance clothes, shoes, and accessories. Most dance schools hold an annual recital, with costumes averaging about $75 apiece.

Another expense to think about is performance costs. Many dance schools offer students the chance to perform in major productions, such as The Nutcracker.

While these experiences can be great fun for young dancers, they can also add considerably to the time and money you devote to ballet. There are typically extra costs such as costume rentals and new ballet shoes, as well as extra practices and rehearsals. In addition, some advanced dancers may be asked to attend dance competitions. A dance competition is a great way to improve dance technique and performance ability, but can also be rather costly. Each dancer is required to pay several entry fees and purchase or rent stage costumes.