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Muslims believe in making a direct connection to Allah through daily worship. Daily prayers incorporate special words and actions which symbolize and express a person's faith. In prayer, Muslims praise Allah, seek guidance and forgiveness, and develop self-discipline. Here you can find all you need to know about Islamic prayer.

Intention of Prayer

The inner dimension of prayer is based on faith and humility.

Preparing for Prayer

Muslims approach prayer in a state of purity -- the body and clothing is clean, and worshippers kneel and prostrate on clean rugs. The adhan calls the community to gather for prayer. 

Words and Actions of Prayers

The formal Muslim prayers have prescribed wording and movements.

Timing of the Five Daily Prayers

The formal Muslim prayers are timed throughout the day and night, prompting Muslims to frequently take time to remember Allah and seek His guidance.

Other Prayers

In addition to the formal daily prayers, Muslims also say personal prayers.

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