Just How Tall Is Michelle Wie?

Michelle Wie of the USA (R) and Ai Miyazato of Japan wait on the second green during the third round of the 2013 Lorena Ochoa Invitational
How tall is Michelle Wie (right)? A lot taller than Ai Miyazato (left), clearly. Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Michelle Wie is one of the tallest golfers on the LPGA Tour. But just how tall? What is Wie's actual height?

Wie's official LPGA biography lists her at 6-feet tall—an even six feet tall.

It's not uncommon for athletes' heights (and particularly weights) to be fudged by their teams, by their leagues, or by the athletes' own choosing. Some athletes prefer not be listed as tall as they really are; others prefer to be listed taller than they really are. (This is probably most common in the NBA because height is so integral to how basketball players are viewed).

Is Wie even taller than her listed height of six feet? It's clear from comments Wie made in the past that she once wished she was shorter. But that doesn't mean the LPGA is fudging about her height today.

There are other golfers on tour who are 6-feet tall, or very close to it (Anna Nordqvist and Jessica Korda, for example). If you see photos of Wie standing next to one of these players, she does look like, maybe, she's just a smidge taller than them. But so much of one's perception of another person's height comes down to their footwear (and hairstyle).

So Michelle Wie, officially, according to the LPGA, is six feet tall. Or, to put it in some other ways, Wie is:

  • 72 inches tall
  • 182.88 centimeters tall
  • 1828.8 millimeters tall
  • 1,828,800,000 nanometers tall (that's 1.8 billion)
  • 1.8288 meters tall
  • 2 yards tall
  • 0.0018288 kilometer tall
  • 0.00113636 mile tall
  • 215.9 barleycorns tall
  • 3.95 Greek cubits tall

But what if Michelle Wie herself was a unit of measurement? One Wie equals six feet (72 inches). What would that look like?

How Many 'Wie Units' Does It Take To ...

  • Reach the top of the Statue of Liberty: Lady Liberty is 50.8 Wies tall
  • Reach the top of the Empire State Building: 208.3 Wies
  • Go over Niagara Falls: 27.8 Wies
  • Go Over Victoria Falls: 59.2 Wies
  • Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower: 164.3 Wies
  • Climb Mount Everest: 4,838.2 Wies
  • Reach lowest known point in the ocean (the Mariana Trench): 6,011.6 Wies
  • Span the circumference of Earth: 21,912,880 (21.9 million) Wies 
  • Travel from the Earth to the moon: 210,232,000 (210.2 million) Wies
  • Travel from Earth to Pluto: 2,340,800,000,000 (2.3 trillion) Wies at Pluto's closest to 4,109,600,000,000 (4.1 trillion) Wies at Pluto's farthest

How Does Wie Feel About Her Height?

Being a teenager is awkward enough for most of us. Wie was a teenaged girl who was taller than most boys of her age, and much taller than most other girls.

And when she was a teenager, that bothered her. In a 2004 interview with Golf Digest, the then-14-year-old Wie explained:

"The worst thing about being tall? Little things. Like I went to the movies and asked the cashier for one children's ticket. She gave me a look and said, 'That will be $8 please.' That's the adult price. I said, 'No, really, I'm a kid.' She refused to believe me. And I didn't have any I.D. to prove it."

And she added:

"The best thing about being six feet tall is, when I play to an elevated green I see where the ball winds up before anybody else. That's about it. I don't want to get any taller."

Today, Wie feels much more positively about her height. She embraces it and even accentuates it. How do we know? It's clear from her social media postings and photos of her at functions: Wie enjoys wearing high heels, making herself even taller.