How Tall Should My Snowboard Be?

Smiling Chinese snowboarder holding snowboard
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Question: How Tall Should My Snowboard Be?

Is my snowboard the right size? I hear this question time and again from students in my snowboard lessons. Most of the time, my answer is, "Yes, your board is correctly sized for you." But occasionally, I see students riding boards that are far too small or too large for them, and it hurts their riding, and therefore their enjoyment of the sport. So how do you know what size snowboard is right for you?

Answer: Eyeball it! For general all-mountain riding, a snowboard should fall between your chin and your nose when standing up. Snowboarders that have decided to specialize in one specific snowboarding discipline will want to size up or down depending on the application, but for 90% of the riding public, between the chin and the nose is where you want to be!