How to Become Famous on Tumblr

5 tips to get more followers, likes, and reblogs

Tumblr is a unique social media platform that combines blogging, photos, videos, and more tools to express yourself. Popular users who amass tens of thousands of followers, with others reblogging their content regularly, are considered Tumblr famous.

If you're on Tumblr and want to make the most out of the platform, here's how to get popular on Tumblr and become Tumblr famous.

Tumblr was founded in 2007 and supports more than 500 million blogs in 18 languages.

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Pick a Theme for Your Tumblr Blog

A Tumblr theme is a preset graphics package that sets the look and feel of your blog. Tumblr offers hundreds of free themes that span topics such as fashion, food, photography, dogs, humor, art, and more. Premium themes cost money but may better suit your purposes. If you're feeling creative, design a custom Tumblr theme to set your blog apart.

A catchy theme will resonate with others and boost your chances of acquiring followers. However, your theme isn't only about the way your blog looks. Know your blog's focus, and let its graphics theme correspond to the overall feel you're trying to create. Having a niche and focusing your content on that subject is the best way to become Tumblr famous.

If you create your own graphics theme, you can make it available for others to use.

Post Content Regularly

Tumblr-famous blogs feature steady, engaging content. One new post a week isn't likely to generate much interest.

If you don't have time to post every day or during peak Tumblr hours when most people are active, use the Tumblr Queue feature. With the Queue feature, your posts are lined up and published at specific intervals at times of day that you specify.

Make sure your Tumblr username is catchy, memorable, and refers to your blog's topic.

Post Original, Image-Rich Content

While some bloggers have achieved a degree of Tumblr fame by reblogging other people's posts, creating your own compelling content is key. Thoughtful, engaging posts that express your opinions will generate more comments and interaction. Even if people disagree with you, respectful back-and-forth communication bolsters engagement.

Your posts aren't only about text and writing. Images tend to receive the most action on Tumblr. If you have photography, graphic design, or Photoshop skills, put those skills to work when growing your blog. Learn to use and make GIFs, and post original artwork when possible.

Your followers are more likely to reblog your content if your posts are visually striking and well-written. The more people reblog your posts, the more followers you'll get.

Always Tag Your Posts

If you want traffic and new followers, tag your posts with relevant keywords. People are constantly searching through tags to discover new content. If they stumble on your posts, they may like the posts, follow you, and reblog your content.

Check out the Tumblr Explore page to find popular tags. Use tags liberally as long as the tags are relevant to your content. No one wants to see a recipe with a #fashion tag.

Many Tumblr users follow certain tags. Thoughtful tagging is a great way to attract like-minded followers.

When you tag other users in your posts, it's called a mention. Using mentions is another way to boost engagement.

Dedicate Yourself to Promotion and Networking

Becoming Tumblr famous takes time. Be patient and put in the work needed to create quality content, post frequently, and engage with your followers.

To give your blog's fame a nudge, tell your friends about it, share your posts on Facebook and Twitter, and follow other relevant blogs on your topic. Stay active and interact with the Tumblr community as much as possible.

Pay attention to other people's posts that seem to garner lots of likes. Find out what makes those posts so engaging, and see if you can match the quality level on your posts. Explore the other blogs your followers follow to get a feel for what's popular. When one of your posts gains a significant amount of likes and reblogs, think about what made the material popular.

If Tumblr fame is in your future, stay focused and engaged, and enjoy creating your content.

Some Tumblr-famous people monetize their online presence through affiliate ads and product promotions. However, many just love connecting with as many people as possible.

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