How to Build, Increase and Exercise Your Personal Faith

These Simple Suggestions Can Help You Make Your Faith Strong

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Faith is something you can learn to acquire. It is a lot like gaining and maintaining physical health and strength. You learn how, then you put what you know into practice. The more you do it, the better you get at it. The longer you do it, the more results you see.

None of this happens overnight, but you can improve over time. Exercising faith is a little different.

However, the principle is the same. The more we exercise faith, the more we have available to us.

First Things First

If you do not have any faith and you do not know how to acquire, just wanting to have it is a good start.

In the Book of Mormon, Alma, the younger, teaches that just planting the seed of faith in your mind will help it grow. Once it is planted, then the seed can germinate

So, the first step is planting the idea in your mind and desiring to develop faith.

Learn the Principles of Faith

After you start thinking about faith, it is time to read up on it in the scriptures and find out what they teach on the subject.

People who try to increase their physical health and strength often study up on how the body works and what foods and exercise they need.

The same is true for spiritual health.

The scriptures teach us what we should do and how to do it. Since Jesus Christ was such a good example of everything; doing what He did, the way He did it is important.

Ask Heavenly Father for Help in Developing Faith Skills

It makes sense to seek direct help from Heavenly Father.

He knows you better than anyone and is more capable of helping you than anyone or anything else.

Seeking this help from Heavenly Father is a crucial step. You may be floundering on what you need to do concerning your faith, but He knows and will help you. Praying to Him is critical.

Exercise and Practice and then Exercise and Practice Some More

Once you have secured Heavenly Father's help and learned some basic guidelines, it is time to put what you know about faith into action.

  • Attend church regularly.

Attending church gives you spiritual strength and power. It is a little like attending class, so you can pass all the tests and the final exam. Just studying on your own is not enough. You need to attend class and listen to the teacher just like you need to attend church and listen to the Spirit.

  • Start practicing the faith you do have.
  • Live the principles you believe are right.
  • Act the way Jesus Christ would act.

Can you imagine an overweight person saying they do not believe that exercise, portion control or good nutrition can help them lose weight?

The best way for them to be convinced is to try it.

  • Live by principles you are not convinced of yet.

This last suggestion may seem odd. However, the only way to be convinced that a belief or behavior is right is to start living it. Once you start living a spiritual principle, you will see results. Once you see results, you will know that it is right.

By replacing your faith with knowledge you can then move on to other principles of faith by living them and putting them into action. This will result in a cycle of spiritual improvement and increased faith.

Where and When You Will Experience Results

In physical health, the more you exercise health principles, the more physical health you have. It is the same with faith. The more you exercise faith, the more faith you will have.

For example, you can view it as you would a scientific experiment.

You review what laws and principles the scientific concept is based on; then you try the experiment yourself and review the results.

There are no short cuts. You cannot fudge and expect good results. Heavenly Father is not going to help you, unless you follow the procedure He has mapped out.

Spiritual conviction will come by spiritual means. The Holy Ghost will relate truth to you when you learn and practice your faith. That is His special responsibility and Heavenly Father's gift to us. Spiritual truths are confirmed by spiritual means.

How Should Knowing All This Change My Life?

You should feel confident that you know how to exercise and increase faith.

You should feel confident that exercising your faith will increase it.

You know that results will come with time.

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