Caveman - How to Caveman Skate Trick Tip

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Caveman Trick Instructions

Caveman Skate Trick
Caveman Skate Trick. Tay Rees / Getty Images
The Caveman is a pretty easy skate trick to learn, and perfect for beginners. You don't even need to know how to ollie! All you need to know is the basics of how to ride a skateboard, and you should be set.

The Caveman is basically a really cool way to get on your skateboard. Normally, you might just toss the board down and hop on it, which works just fine. But with the Caveman, you jump on the board before the board hits the ground! This adds a whole new level of style to your skating.

  1. So first, you should find a good flat area to practice on. If you are really new to skating, and can't ollie yet, then you might want to practice on carpet, or on grass, so that your board won't roll away when you land on it. This is a great way to learn and practice, but please don't stay practicing like that for too long, or you might develop bad habits that will frustrate you for a long long time.
  2. Pick up your skateboard, and hold it with your left hand if you are regular, and your right hand if you are goofy. If you try this, and end up wanting to hold it with the opposite hand than the one I told you, that's fine. It doesn't really matter that much.

    You want to hold your board by the nose. Have your fingers along the bottom of the board, and your thumb on the top, on the griptape.

  3. Now, you want to swing your skateboard out in front of you, so that the tail of the board swings away from you. Make sure the griptape is facing you. Then, as the board swings back towards you, let it swing all the way up parallel and drop it.
  4. Then, while the board is falling, jump up onto it with both feet! Land with both feet on the board. The closer you have both feet land at the same time, the easier it will be to keep your balance!
That's the basics of the Caveman skate trick. It's that easy! But, there are piles of variations...
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Caveman Trick Advice and Variations

Caveman Skate Tricks
Caveman Skate Trick. Johannes Kroemer / Getty Images
Once you've mastered landing the Caveman on carpet or grass, try it on the street or sidewalk. It might take a while, but eventually you will be able to Caveman into a rolling stance! For this, you want to sake a few steps forwards as you Caveman. It'll look sweet, and is a lot more impressive than dropping your board, getting on it, and then pushing!

But take your time to learn - if you are a new skater learning to Caveman, then remember that there's no rush here. Take your time, and learn at your won pace! Skateboarding should always be fun!

Once you've learned to Caveman, here are some variations to try:

  • Caveman off of a ledge - Stand on a curb, a stair, or some other ledge, and caveman off of it onto the ground. If you start with stairs, you can work your way up from the bottom stair. But remember, as you go up stairs, you are going to need to jump further out or you'll hit the bottom step!
  • Caveman Shuvit - This one, I don't get the name at all. Unless I've just misinformed, it's a caveman, but where you toss the board with your back hand instead of your front hand. It's cool and all, but "shuvit"? Well, naming skate tricks is never easy, and always evolving!
  • Footplant Caveman - Run towards an obstacle and jump up onto it with one foot, but then spring back away again into the air. While in the air, caveman!
  • Bomb Drop - The Bomb Drop and Caveman get confused a lot, but basically, the bomb drop is a caveman off of a very high ledge or obstacle.
  • Make Up Your Own - The caveman is super versatile. You can combine a caveman with just about anything, really. How about flipping the board around your body, and then cavemanning? How about between the legs? How about cavemanning into a manual? Get creative, and come up with some cool ways to work the caveman in!
And there you go. Enjoy!