How to Celebrate Valentines Day as a Homeschool Family

Valentine's Day Ideas for Homeschool Families
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For kids in a traditional school setting, Valentine's Day may conjure up ideas of exchanging Valentines and feasting on cupcakes with classmates. How can you make Valentine's Day special as a homeschooling family?

Host a Valentine Party

The year that my daughter made the transition from public school to homeschool, she let me know that she missed having class parties. Since Valentine’s Day was approaching, I decided that we’d host a Valentine party.

It was a tradition that continued for many years, growing from a small party at home to huge gatherings with our homeschool support group.

One of the obstacles of a homeschool Valentine party is that it’s sometimes difficult to send a list of participant's names home to make it easy for kids to fill out Valentine cards, and the kids may not all know one another.

This obstacle is easy to overcome in a couple of ways. For our first Valentine party, I asked all the kids to bring blank Valentine cards to exchange. They filled in the names as part of one of our activities after they arrived. For larger homeschool group parties, we would often have the kids fill out their Valentines at home, writing “my friend” in the “to” field. 

Ask each child to bring a shoebox or a paper sack – choose one so that all the kids have something similar – to decorate. Provide markers; stamps and ink; crayons; and stickers for the kids to use in decorating their boxes.

(Do not bring glitter. Trust me on this.) After decorating their bags or boxes, have the children deliver their Valentines to one another, placing them in the bags or boxes.

We always included snacks and group games (since those are difficult to play at home with siblings) as part of our group’s Valentine party.

Have a Valentine-themed School Day

Take a break from your regular schoolwork for the day. Instead, complete Valentine’s Day printableswriting prompts, and writing activities. Read Valentine’s Day or love-themed picture books. Learn how to dry flowers or make Valentine’s Day crafts.

Get hands-on with math and kitchen chemistry by baking cookies or cupcakes. If you have an older student, give him home ec credit for preparing a complete Valentine-themed meal.

Serve Others

A fantastic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a homeschool family is to spend time serving others. Look for opportunities to volunteer in your community or consider the following:

  • Take Valentine cards and treats to a nursing home or a police or fire department
  • Rake leaves for a neighbor
  • Deliver a homemade meal or Valentine treats to a neighbor
  • Take treats to the librarians who probably know your family by name
  • Do random acts of kindness, such as paying for the meal of the car behind you in the drive through line
  • Serve your own family by doing household chores that someone else usually does such as washing the dishes for Mom or taking out the trash for Dad

Place Hearts on Each Other’s Bedroom Doors

Place a heart on each family member’s bedroom door listing a reason why you love them.

You might list attributes such as:

  • You are kind.
  • You have a beautiful smile.
  • You’re great at drawing.
  • You are a wonderful sister.

Do this every day for the month of February, the week of Valentine’s Day, or surprise your family with an explosion of hearts on their doors when they wake up on Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy a Special Breakfast

Like other families, it’s not uncommon for homeschooling families to find themselves going in different directions each day. One or both parents may work outside the home and the kids may have a homeschool co-op or outside classes to attend.

Enjoy a special Valentine’s Day breakfast before everyone goes their separate ways. Make heart-shaped pancakes or have strawberries and chocolate crepes.

Your homeschool family's Valentine's day celebration doesn't have to be elaborate to be a meaningful, memory-making event.

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