How to Clean an Eraser

Helpful tips to add to your art know-how.

Chalkboard eraser
Chalkboard eraser. Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images

Simply take a piece of sandpaper and rub your eraser on it. Voila! As good as new!
Tip from Soumya

The fastest way to clean an eraser is to simply rub it on the carpet. You probably don't want to do this on a really good carpet, but I was constantly doing it in school and it worked every time.
Tip from Amber Knight

When your art eraser becomes too dirty, place it in a pocket of jeans and allow it to go through the washing machine. Comes out clean as can be!
Tip from Jill Macfarlane

For dirty art erasers, I wash them with water and dish soap and the dirt rubs off.
Tip from L Logan

I usually rub a dirty eraser on the shirt I'm wearing to clean it, or a trouser leg. Hopefully, I'm wearing painting clothes at the time (but not always!).
Tip from Marion Boddy-Evans

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