How to Clean Your Air Box and Replace Your Air Filter

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Air Box Servicing, How To Made Easy!

Items you will need to service your air box. Photos by Adam Wright 2010

If you want to do a quick and easy servicing to better your gas mileage, the air box is a cheap and effective place to get started. You first have to buy the stuff you will need. The two items you will need are a new air filter and a can of Throttle Body/Air Intake Cleaner.

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Removing your Air Filter

The old versus new air filter. Photo by Adam Wright 2010

The air filter, or air cleaner, sits right inside your air box. This is what filters the air before it is drawn into the engine. Once an air filter gets dirty and clogged it makes it harder for the engine to draw air, thereby reducing performance. This is why it is very important to keep a clean air filter. You can see in the picture the differences between the new air filter and the old one -- yuck! Look at how dirty the old one was, you can only imagine how it was reducing performance.

To remove the old filter on most fuel injected cars or trucks, simply loosen the clips around the air box. Lift off the top of the box and there's the filter.

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Cleaning the Air Intake

Air Intake Cleaner. Photo by Adam Wright 2010

Once you have pulled the old air filter you want to clean as much as you can inside the air box and intake system. Take the can of cleaner and spray around the air intake, pretty much the whole box, including the sensors. This is where some dirt and dust may have made it past an old air filter, and this is where you want it to be sparkling clean. No wiping! Just spraying.

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Installing the new Air Filter

You will want to install the new air filter exactly where the old one was. It should fit very easily and be a snug fit. Once you have installed the new Air Filter you want to close the air box back up. As the saying goes, "installation is the reverse of removal." Your air box servicing is now complete, your car will thank you.