How to Concentrate in Class

9 Tips for Mastering the Art of Concentration

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A class can get boring and you can get distracted. Your professor is long-winded, your best friend is hilarious, or your cell phone keeps going off. But learning how to concentrate in class is imperative to getting a good grade and actually learning something. Here are some tips for how to concentrate in class when the distractions seem like too much to handle.

How to Concentrate on Class

1. Sit Near the Front

The front row isn’t just for the nerds. (Although being a nerd is really, really cool because nerds tend to end up ruling the world). Sitting in the front of the class will automatically help you concentrate because it takes away any distractions (whisperers, texters, coughers, etc.) in front of you.

2. Participate

The people who have learned how to concentrate know that they need to participate actively in class. Engage the teacher in conversation. Raise your hand for every question. Start a discussion. The more engaged you are with the lecture, the more you will want to concentrate on it. So, it is a way of fooling yourself into concentrating. Trick yourself into getting interested even if you can't imagine that you could be. You'll surprise yourself by how interested you really are if you give it a shot. .

3. Take Good Notes

Get your pen working to keep your mind focused. Many kinesthetic learners are jittery – their brain doesn’t connect that they are working when they’re just listening. If you’re one of those people, and you can find out here if you are, then move your pen and take good notes during the lecture to help you concentrate.

4. Turn Off Your Phone

If you really need to concentrate, then turn off your phone completely. No cheating by setting it to vibrate! Nothing will jar your concentration more than getting a text from a friend or a notification from social media during a lecture.

5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Hunger can be a big distraction. It is tough to concentrate when you would rather be raiding the buffet at the your local restaurant. Grab some brain food before you head to class in order to get rid of a very obvious distraction.

6. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

For maximum concentration, make sure you have slept at least eight hours. I know it can be tough to do, especially in college, but your concentration will be almost gone if you are fighting fatigue. Get some shut-eye so you can pay attention to the things that matter most.

7. Reward Yourself

If you really have trouble focusing in class, then reward yourself at the end of class for paying attention. Indulge in your favorite latte, add five bucks to your “saving for shoes” account, or even just give yourself mini rewards throughout the class period like a piece of candy or a brief phone check if you've concentrated for fifteen minutes. Give yourself something to work for besides your good grade if that hasn’t been enough of a motivator.

8. Get the Jitters Out

If you are an antsy person – one of those kinesthetic learners – and your teacher is not able to allow you to move in the classroom, then make sure you have gotten your energy out before class. Run laps around the library. Take the stairs everywhere you go. Ride your bike to class. Use some of your energy beforehand, so you can concentrate during your class period.

9. Change It Up

If you can feel your ability to concentrate starting to slip, then change something. Get a new pen from your bag. Cross your other leg. Stretch. Tense and flex your muscles. Take a moment to give yourself a brief break from the monotony. You’ll be surprised how well this works to get you back on track.

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