How to Choose Subject Matter for Your Radio Program

radio speaker
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Congratulations! By reading this you've taken the first step to being a broadcaster! Creating a radio program is fun. Imagine that: after all these years of listening to other people on the air doing radio shows and thinking to yourself, hey, I could do that, you will finally get your chance.

Exploit Your Own Interests

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of program you are going to offer.

Have you always wanted to be a DJ and just play music? If so, what kind of music? And will others want to hear the music you want to play?

After all, it's more fulfilling knowing that someone wants to actually listen to your show so remember: you can get as eclectic as you want but, if you create a program that's hard to listen to, you'll be the only one hearing the broadcast. Although you don't have to compromise on subject matter, consider the audience you want to attract.

Maybe it's not music but rather, information which you want to provide. You may want to do a talk show on a particular subject. If so, great! Choosing something you're truly interested in will make it a more rewarding experience for you and if you're an expert in a subject, you'll build a following and come to be known as a great and knowledgeable host.

Or, maybe you would rather do an interview type program with guests.

Programs like this are easy to listen to and always interesting to create because your subject matter varies and you never quite know what a guest is going to say.

Think Out of the Box

But, don't limit yourself to the standard type of Radio programs we all think of first. If you're a speaker, you may want to create Radio programs based on seminars you deliver.

If you're an author, you may want to create Radio programs based on your books. If you're a motel owner, you may want to create a program directed to just other motel owners. There are no limitations!

But, above all: be yourself. There's already a Howard Stern, Rhandi Rhodes, Rush Limbaugh, Mancow, Sean Hannity, etc. Don't be a poser—be an original; be a sytlist. Let your personality shine through and build on it. In the end, it will be more rewarding when you begin to attract listenership.

No matter what your subject matter or music, if you create a listenable program, you'll find an appreciative audience. Give some serious thought to the kind of radio program you want to share with the world.

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