How to Date a Sagittarius Man

Wild at Heart

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Attraction Tip:  Talk about your fascinations.  Tell a tale from your travel log.  Share your interests, especially any lines of research that's driven by curiosity. 

Some Sagittarius men are thrill junkies, and even take dangerous risks to experience dangling off the cliffs of life.  Others are weekend adventurers, and pack a travel bag in under five minutes.  He's happiest with a companion that travels light, too, and is ready at a moment's notice.


He's not always practical, and this can become a sticking point if his partner has to hold down the fort or balance the budget. 


To know Sagittarius, is to consider his place in the Zodiac's circling.  He's the third fire sign, and instead of bursts (Aries) and burning flames (Leo), mutable Sagittarius is like firecrackers.  His nature is spontaneous, and always on the hunt for inspiration. 

A desire then is to cross paths with other animated, active people.  He craves conversation that widens his world. 

Knowledge is Power

He's ruled by Jupiter, known to embody high-minded fields of cultural influence -- from justice to philosophy to education.  What is he studying, in school or in the school-of-life?  If you share his zeal for knowledge, that's the basis of a beautiful friendship or more. 


The Archer is a legend for his questing ways.  He has a nature that's at home when roaming, and gets antsy in claustrophobic environments.


There's the wandering kind of moving, and there's the intellectual traveling, too.  He is nourished around bright people who are able to skip mental grooves, and grow and expand their perceptions.  He's an idealist, with a streak of sunny optimism.  

And it's often ideals that lead the way for him, and that he's loyal to above individual personalities.

  He resists being tamed into a domestic role.  As a mutable (changeable) sign, he adores variety as the spice of life.  And he'll likely be more of a "provider" when he's alighted on a field of interest that is always evolving and has substance. 


The Sagittarius man is naturally friendly, and he's attracted to fun-loving people.  That doesn't mean he's not "deep," and in fact, he's often clued in to meaning, with sharp insights that he shares.  

His sign follows Scorpio, the brooding fixed water sign of intrigue, self-control and power (including sexual).  The Sagittarius man takes that show on the road, and he meets life with a similar kind of intensity at times.  Other times, he's eager to shake off anything too heavy, as part of the natural instinct to continually moving forward. 

It's a mistake to label the Archer as all play and no work, as he is guided by a strong Jupiterian sense of mission.  It may appear that he's nonchalant, yet he is often fiercely following a path of meaning that feels divinely inspired. 

Is Sagittarius man lucky?  He's often hot on the trail of serendipity, meaning, what lights his fire.  And that bestows on him a kind of good fortune, from staying true to his own natural passions.

To attract Sagittarius, stay wed to what stokes your own fires, and share your enthusiasm.  Your trust in life itself, as it unfolds, is high on his wish list.

Love Rodeo

Sagittarius' totem is the mythical centaur - half man and (the bottom) half horse.  And a classic trait of Sagittarius is strong, lusty and experimental physicality.   

This is a lover who has high endurance in the sack.  He'll be delighted by spirited sexual moves, and surprising plot twists in the love scene. 

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