How to Filter XML Data in XSLT - XSLT Tutorial

Breaking Down XSLT - Part 5

XML document
XML document. kr7ysztof/Getty Images

XSLT, or XSL Transformations, offers a number of ways to filter data in an XML document and produce an output stream seen by your page viewers. With XSLT, you incorporate a markup language with XPath to discover and disclose information. XML is the carrier that stores the data and XSLT is the display layer. By adding filter elements to a style sheet, you transform your XML into something that a Web browser understands and can accurately display.


XSLT elements build on each other to filter out details and show only what your reader needs to see. Sort works in partnership with and value-of to generate an output stream based on an XML element. Each element added is a command to search the XML document and locate values.

- find XML element and its child
- sort data by style
    - display the data in
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