How to Find and Use Free LDS (Mormon) Music

Music Can Inspire and Teach Gospel Principles so Use it Wisely

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All Official LDS Music is Now Collected Into One Location

In the past, music and music instruction was scattered throughout the Church's official website. However, it is now collected into one convenient location. So, whether you are looking for a Seminary song, children's music or new music that has appeared in a church magazine, like the Ensign, you can access it from this site.

What Types of Music Does it Contain?

All types of music the Church compiles and produces are available in the Music Library.

The hymn book is used for Sunday worship for both youth and adults. Children's meetings generally utilize the songbook or music from the Friend magazine, the Church's magazine for children.

Seminary songs help youth learn the gospel while pursuing their secular studies. It augments the music published in the Church's young adult magazine, the New Era.

Music is constantly being composed and submitted to the Church.

So modern hymns and other music are being developed while we continue to enjoy old favorites.

Guidelines on Listening, Downloading and Copying Church Music

The Church provides all this music for free; but there are restrictions on its use. They include the following:

  • Music used in Sacrament meeting and other Sunday meetings must be approved by local church leaders.
  • Music must be appropriate for the particular type of meeting.

What Does Copyright Law Allow Me to Do With This Music?

All media has copyright restrictions and it is important to know what they are, otherwise both you and the Church may be subject to legal liability. That means you can get sued. In addition, more severe copyright restrictions apply to music than to other types of media.

Every piece of music lists the copyright owner and how and where it may be used as well as any other restrictions on its use. When restrictions exist, they MUST be followed.

When the Church is the copyright owner, music can generally be copied, used personally and at home. You can tell by looking at the copyright symbol on the bottom of the page and checking whether © IRI is listed as the most recent copyright owner. Intellectual Reserve, Inc. is the Church.

If you want to use Church music for other purposes, you must formally request the privilege to use it.

When individuals and other entities own the copyright, restrictions often apply. Familiarize yourself with copyright law and follow the guideline for it in the Handbook.

If no copyright symbol appears, you can assume the work has entered the public domain.

Multiple Ways to Search for the Music You Want

To find songs, access the main music page on the Church's website. Look on the left side of the screen for:

Find a Hymn

Find a Children's Song

Click on your choice and a drop down menu will appear. You can search hymns by title, first line, name of the author or composer, hymn number, subject, tune name and even tune and meter. You can also search via scripture to find hymns that teach or complement specific scriptural passages.

You can search children's songs by title, first line, author or composer, page number, subject and also by scripture.

Download or Listen to Music on the Interactive Player

There are many options to enjoying and using the music. You can download vocals and music or just the music itself.

The interactive player is extremely versatile. You can speed up the tempo and even transpose the hymn into a different key. You can also isolate the soprano, alto, tenor or bass parts and focus on learning them. You can print the hymn in any key you choose.

Obviously, you can buy all of this music in the Online Store. Downloading what you need is the easiest option.

The Church makes it simple to know what you can and cannot do. If you can download it, a download button is provided. If not, then you cannot download it.

These music resources can lift your spirit and teach you gospel truths. Use it to counter the secular influences so common in our modern world.