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Find your old ACT test scores
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Top 10 ACT Registration FAQs

Let's say that you've decided to go to college. You started working right out of high school when all of your friends went on to the university. One thing led to another, and soon enough, you found yourself wondering what life would have been like had you actually gotten your bachelor's degree instead of working a job you may not necessarily like. Many people go to work directly out of high school and are completely happy, successful and rewarded.

However, if you are not one of those people, you are going to need your old college admission test scores to apply to college. If you took the ACT, then look no further. Here is the information you need for finding your old ACT scores.

Steps to Find Your Old ACT Scores

Step #1: Remember which college admissions test you took. 

If it has been a while since you took your college admissions exam, you may not even recall if you took the ACT or SAT in high school. If you are in that boat, here is a hint: Your composite ACT score will be a two digit number between 0 and 36. Your SAT score will be a three or four digit score between 600 – 2400.  In 2016, the test moved back to the former method of scoring and now offers composite test scores between 400 and 1600. However, since the SAT and ACT have both changed quite a bit in the last twenty years, the score you may have received would be scaled a bit differently now and the questions have changed in a drastic number of ways.

If you remember that you took the ACT, keep reading.

If you remember that you took the SAT, read this: How to find your old SAT score

Step #2: Request your scores.

There are a few ways you can request your scores:

  1. Online: Login to your ACT online account. There, you'll see a list of all of the times you took the ACT and can select which ACT scores you'd like to have a copy of or would like to send to a college or university. You can find any old ACT test score this way from October 1, 1966 and beyond. 
    1. But I don't know my password or online account info: You may email the ACT help desk here, Or you may call them here: 319.337.1270 and they will help you retrieve that information. 
  1. By Phone: Order by phone at 319.337.1270.
  2. By Mail: Send a letter of request to: ACT Student Services — Score Reports PO Box 451 Iowa City, IA 52243-0451 and be sure to include all of the following info: 
    1. Your full name
    2. Your full name at the time you registered took the test (if it is different)
    3. Your current mailing address
    4. Your address at the time you registered or tested (if it is different)
    5. The ACT ID from your score report (Call if you do not have this)
    6. Your date of birth
    7. Your home phone number
    8. The test date (month and year) for which you want scores reported 
    9. The valid codes and names (with city and state) for the colleges and scholarship agencies to which you want ACT to report your scores
    10. Your signature
    11. The type of report (regular or priority) you wish sent
    12. A check or money order for the total fee. 

Step #3: Pay the Fee.

Regular Report: Each year, the ACT changes the fees associated with score retrieval. At press time, the going rate for a regular score report with a test date between September 1, 2013 and the present, was $12.00 per test date per report. For scores after September 1, 2013, the price was $34.00 per test date, per report. A regular report will be delivered to your destination in approximately two weeks.

Priority Report: Need your scores faster? You can request a priority report, which will be delivered in approximately 3-4 days to your destination. The price is $16.50 per test date per report for tests between September 1, 2013 and today, and $38.50 per test date per report for tests taken prior to that date. 

For the most up-to-date score information, see the fees webpage. 

Find Your Old ACT Scores Tips

  1. Get some info together before you get on the phone or sit down in front of the computer. Make sure you have all of the required info listed above and have searched for and written down the college and scholarship program codes for recipients of your scores. 
  2. If you're submitting a mailed in request, be sure to write legibly or type out your request. If ACT cannot read your request, it will cause delays. 
  1. Remember that since your scores are older, the test has changed. The ACT score reporting service will send a letter stating that fact to the institution in which you're interested. 
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