How can I get my music on Spotify?

The Spotify Desktop App. Courtesy Spotify

Question: How can I get my music on Spotify?

Online music streaming services are the wave of the future, and despite some really great contenders -- Pandora is a favorite of many -- Spotify seems to have captured the hearts and ears of just about everyone who's tried it. Spotify allows you, even at it's most basic, free level, stream full-length, high-quality songs just as if they were present on your home computer. At it's paid levels, there's many great features available.

It's revolutionary, as are their licensing agreements -- $.70 USD per song sale, and a cut of ad revenue for streaming. How can an independent artist get in on the Spotify craze?

Answer: If you've been one of the lucky United States residents who've gotten a Spotify invitation so far, you know why the buzz is growing. As an independent artist, you'd probably like to get a piece of the action, especially since Spotify pays a royalty to every artist whose music is played, no matter if you're a multi-platinum artist, or an independent garage band playing weekend gigs around town. I'm sure you know how easy it can be to sell your music on iTunes and other song-selling sites; surprisingly, it can be just as easy to get featured on Spotify, as well. In fact, many of the same companies handling distribution for iTunes are now handling Spotify distribution, as well.

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