How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

What to Do When Stink Bugs Invade Your Home

Brown marmorated stink bugs like to invade homes in the fall.
Brown marmorated stink bugs like to invade homes in the fall. Flickr user Mike Lewinski (CC license)

Brown marmorated stink bugs from Asia were accidentally introduced in North America. They can be a real problem for homeowners, as these invasive stink bugs like to spend the winter in people's homes. You may find stink bugs clinging to your window screens and storm doors in the fall, or even gathering inside your home in winter. If they do invade your home, you can take some simple steps to get rid of stink bugs.

When it comes to keeping any insects out of your house, stink bugs included, the best offense is a good defense. Seal cracks and gaps around windows and doors, repair your damaged window screens, and keep a tidy landscape around your home's foundation. Before stink bugs become a problem, take these 15 steps to bug proofing your home.

Should you find yourself battling stink bugs inside your home, don't panic. First of all, stink bugs can't do any structural damage to your home. They won't infest your pantry. They don't bite or sting. Stink bugs do not breed during the winter, so you don't need to worry about them reproducing while in your home. Stink bugs just want a warm place to spend the winter. Once they've settled in, they go into a state of diapause, and will not feed or breed again until spring.

That may be no consolation if your walls and windows are teeming with stink bugs. Whatever you do, don't squish them! They're called stink bugs for a reason.

Also, don't use a bug bomb to get rid of stink bugs. Bug bombs are not labeled for use against stink bugs, and as with all pesticides, the label is the law.

The weapon of choice to get rid of stink bugs is your vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum hose to suck up any stink bugs you find inside your home. You can vacuum stink bugs off the exterior of your home as well.

When you've collected all of the stink bugs, remove the vacuum bag, put it inside a plastic garbage bag, and seal it before disposing of it.

For heavy infestations, you may need the help of a pest control professional. A pest control company can do a perimeter spray of pesticides to create a chemical barrier around your home. While I'm never a fan of using pesticides unnecessarily, they may be warranted if you're battling hundreds or even thousands of stink bugs.

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