How to Ice Skate

Nine Tips That Will Make Your First Day of Ice Skating a Success

Recreational Ice Skating
Recreational Ice Skating. Photo by Hero Images / Hero Images / Getty Images

Ice Skating is Fun:

Do you want to ice skate? This short article gives ice skating basics so you can get started.

Step One - Find an Ice Rink That Offers Public Skating and Rental Skates:

There are indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks all over the world. In addition to offering public open skating sessions, almost all ice rinks have skates available for rent.

Step Two - Dress Warm:

Keep in mind that even if it is warm outside, the inside of an ice skating rink will be cold.

Wear clothes you can move in. Don't forget gloves or mittens and a jacket or sweater.

Step Three - Make Sure Your Skates Fit and Are Laced Correctly:

Ice skates must fit. Lacing figure skates correctly will make the skating experience more enjoyable.

Step Four - First Practice Falling and Getting Up Off the Ice:

Keep in mind that if you are going to ice skate, you are going to fall. Before stepping on to the ice, do some squats and practice falling and getting up with your skates on off the ice.

Step Five - Move Away From the Railing as Quickly as Possible:

Try to avoid the urge of holding on to the rink's rail. Take small baby steps away from the rail with your arms held out on a "magic table" in front of you. Bend your knees and practice falling and getting up.

Step Six - Glide on Two Feet:

Allow yourself to glide forward on two feet at first. Connect your two foot glide with two to four "baby steps." If you feel a fall coming, bend your knees into a dip position.

Step Seven - Practice Stopping:

To stop on the ice, first practice pushing the flat of the blade out to scrape the ice while holding onto the ice rink's rail. Then, move away from the rail and glide slowly on two feet. Next, try to push one or both feet out by putting pressure on the flat part of the blade.

The friction created should create some snow on the ice. Bend the knees and come to a complete stop.

Step Eight - Move Forward Around the Rink:

Take a step onto the right foot, glide forward and rest on two feet, and then step onto the left foot, and glide forward and rest on two feet. Repeat this exercise over and over as you skate around the rink. Use the "rest" on two feet to maintain balance and control.

Step Nine - Have Fun and Skate Often:

Ice skating can be enjoyed by people of all ages and the joy of gliding on the ice can be done throughout life. Skate as often as you can. Smile, laugh, and have fun on the ice!