Listening to Your Intuition

Following Your Gut Instincts

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Egg Head. Kelly Sillaste / Getty Images
Anyone can learn how to follow their intuitions, even an EGG HEAD like me.

In my healing practice I have often coached clients about learning how to become more aware of their intuitive selves. Intuitive messages come from a variety of avenues. They may come in form of cravings for particular foods. They may come to us through words of a stranger we sit next to on the bus ride downtown. They may come through when sleeping through our dreams.

Intuitions might be ideas that pop into our heads while standing at the kitchen sink washing the supper dishes. Intuitive messages may come via certain smells wafting in the air. More and more messages will become available as you learn how to open up and listen for them.

When a person first becomes alert to intuitive messages it may seem disturbing not to understand the importance or unimportance of the messages. Frankly, sometimes we just don't fully understand what these intuitive flashes mean. It can be quite frustrating when we are clearly GETTING the message, but NOT GETTING any logical reasoning along with it. Well, I'm here to tell you that if it is important for you to understand the reason behind a message, don't worry. You will be given additional information eventually. Try not to get bogged down with any nagging NEED TO KNOW. Let it go. Consider this, explanations come along with intuitive messages on a "need to know basis."

For example: Perhaps your inner guidance tells you to eat avocados. You are willing to eat them, but you wonder "Why Avocados?" You may even explore the Internet to read up on the nutritional value of avocados. But the reason you were given the message to eat avocados didn't have anything to do with nutrition.

It was to nudge you to go to the market that day. While in the produce department when you are squeezing the avocados a fellow from your old neighborhood recognizes you and introduces you to a friend of his. This "friend"  months later walks down the aisle to meet you and become your life partner. You discover it doesn't really matter if you eat avocados after all. But you might want to serve guacamole dip at your wedding reception as a romantic gesture.

When people are first learning how to pick up on their intuitive messages they may feel they are being sent off on wild goose chases. And, truthfully, I think this may be a fair evaluation. But the thing is, by following through on your everyday hunches, you are actually taking test drives, virtually honing in on your listening skills. These skills will serve you well when the bigger, more important messages need to surface, so pay attention! Everyone is psychic, but some people have flabby psychic muscles. Learning to listen to your inner dialog tones and strengthens this muscle. When we choose to ignore our gut instincts, we are only hurting ourselves. My experience is that the more I follow the pathway of my intuition the clearer the path gets.

Easier Said than Done

Maybe you feel I'm making this all sound easier than it really is. But the truth is, most of us make listening to our inner guidance out to be harder than it actually is. Admittedly, I still get hung up on this stuff. I do trip up over my own intuitive messages at times.

How To Listen To Your Intuition

The reason I referred to myself as an EGG HEAD at the start of this article was because of a recent intuitive message I was given. I had been facing a personal dilemma concerning making a decision that was weighing heavily on my mind. Before I went to bed I was having a one-sided dialog with Wendy, a friend of mine who died last year. I didn't sense Wendy's spiritual presence near me, but I was wishing she was around because she had been a wonderful adviser when she was living on the planet.

Within two minutes I felt her essence close by. Then I felt a crackling thud on my head. I realized that Wendy had just cracked a raw egg upon my head, I simultaneously heard Wendy's unforgettable laughter in my inner ear. She then cracked 3 more raw eggs, allowing the gooey insides to run down my head (naturally this was all third-eye imagery). What's this all about I wondered? Why was Wendy cracking raw eggs on my head?? Soon afterwards I fell asleep, forgetting the incident entirely until the next morning while in the shower. As I was shampooing my hair I got that familiar... ah-ha feeling. The message from Wendy was to tell me what an egghead I was to be seeking her out for advice when I instinctively knew all along what my decision would be. And, you know, she was right. My decision was already made, I just needed to follow through with acting on it. That, and I think an egg-shampoo would be the perfect solution to make my hair shine beautifully.

Article Dateline: September 8, 2000 (updated with slight revisions Sept 17, 2013)

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