How To Make a Crystal Rose

Make a Keepsake Crystal Rose

A Keepsake Crystal Rose
If you crystallize only the rose, the sparkly flower makes a nice contrast with fluffy leaves. Anne Helmenstine

Make a sparkling keepsake crystal rose.This is an easy crystal-growing project.It only takes a few minutes to set up the project. Give a rose or place several in a vase for a pretty decoration.

Crystal Rose Materials

  • 1 red pipecleaner (or whatever color you want the rose)
  • 1 green pipecleaner
  • Borax
  • Hot water

Make the Rose

  1. Twist the end of the rose pipecleaner together with the end of the green pipecleaner.
  2. Twist a loop or two in the green stick to make leaves. The top leaf can be used to hold the rose in the crystal solution that you will make.
  3. Spiral the rose pipecleaner around the stem/flower joint. A tight spiral will give you a rosebud shape. If you want a fuller flower, curve the pipecleaner more loosely.

Grow the Crystal Rose

  1. Choose a coffee cup or other small container large enough that the head of the rose (or however much you want to crystallize) fits inside.
  2. Fill the cup with very hot to boiling water. I used hot water from an automatic coffee maker.
  3. Stir in borax until it stops dissolving. If you don't have borax, you can use Epsom salts or table salt.

Now, you have choices!

If you want large crystals on the rose, position the flower so that it is under the surface of the liquid. Give it a couple of hours to form crystals (no longer than overnight) and remove the flower. Place it on a paper towel to dry and you're done.

If you want more of a uniform sugared effect, you need to filter out any undissolved solids before growing crystals. Pour your liquid into a clean container, avoiding adding any residue from the bottom of the cup. Rinse and dry your cup. Pour the reserved liquid back into the cup. Add the rose and allow crystals to form. Check on the rose every so often until you have achieved the desired effect. Remove the flower, place it on a paper towel to dry, and enjoy!

If you happen to have a real rose, it's possible to crystallize it using a similar method... try it.

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