Aromatherapy Locket

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Make an Aromatherapy Locket

Make an aromatherapy locket to keep your favorite scents close. Image © Patti Wigington 2012; Licensed to

Herbs contain small glands that hold their essential oils, and when these oils are extracted they release scent molecules. The science of aromatherapy takes advantage of this natural phenomenon and expands it just a bit -- because olfactory sensation stimulates parts of the brain connected to memory and emotion.

This is a fun - and simple - idea that was inspired by a blogger who makes do-it-yourself solid perfumes to give away as gifts. Many people are into aromatherapy, and we all know that certain smells make us feel good. Use an empty locket to create a portable aromatherapy spa you - or a friend - can carry around all the time.

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Gather Your Supplies

Gather your supplies before you start on your aromatherapy locket. Image © Patti Wigington 2012; Licensed to

You’ll need:

  • An empty locket
  • Soy wax or beeswax
  • Your favorite fragrance
  • Herbs of your choice
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Make an Aromatherapy Locket

Combine your favorite herbs and oils to make a locket. Image © Patti Wigington 2012; Licensed to

Melt the soy wax or beeswax according to the manufacturer’s instruction (soy wax melts at a low temperature and can be microwaved in a plastic container). Once it has melted completely, add your choice of fragrance and herbs. Gently pour them into the open locket. Once the wax has hardened, use a knife to scrape off any excess so the locket will be able to close.

You can give these as gifts to friends or carry one around yourself.

The lockets in the photos include mugwort, a few drops of ylang-ylang, and a few drops of rosemary. You can try some of these combinations - either as oils or in their dried herbal form - for various purposes:

  • To alleviate depression, combine mugwort, dandelion and lavender.
  • For good fortune, use chamomile, basil and clover.
  • To bring love your way, use peppermint, cinnamon, rose, and clove oil.
  • Having trouble sleeping? Add rosemary, lavender and thyme to your locket.
  • If you're struggling financially, try patchouli, pennyroyal, mint and apple.