10 Ways to Create Art Even If You've No Talent

A humorous look at ways to create art even if you think you've no talent.

10 Ways to Create Art Even If You've No Talent
Photo: Connie Coleman / Getty Images

So, you believe you can't be a painter because you haven't any artistic talent. That old excuse: "I can't even draw a straight line." Well, the good news is we're not trying to achieve straight lines. The even better news is that there are ways you can be creative even when you don't trust your own abilities. Here's a list of 10 to get you started. If you've any more suggestions, add them here.

1. Don't aim to be Leonardo da Vinci or compare yourself to some other equally famous painter.

You can still a lot of fun even if you never produce a painting that survives as a masterpiece down the centuries.

2. Paint an abstract. If someone says it's rubbish you can always say they don't have the capability to see the inner painting, how to interpret abstract art.

3. Make a still life out of tin cans, ala Warhol. A simple form is easier to paint than, say, a bunch of flowers.

4. Use a limited palette. There are fewer chances for you to produce mud when you mix the colors. It's easier to remember which colors you mixed to get what color.

5. Do mixed media. If there's a bit of the painting you really hate, stick a bit of collage over it.

6. Paint a self-portrait. You can always claim it's the artistic interpretation of your inner emotions rather than a representational artwork, your art style, that you're using your artistic license.

7. Start with an inkblot. People will be scared to say out loud what they see in a Rorschach inkblot test.

8. Paint a religious icon. People tend to be too politically correct today to criticize religious art, or at least on style rather than content.

9. Make it team effort. Get your kids and/or pets involved. You can always blame them for the disaster.

10. Paint a dinosaur. No-one knows what they really looked like or what color(s) they were.

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