10 Ways to Make Learning Fun

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Remember when you were a child and kindergarten was a time to play and learn to tie your shoes? Well, times have changed and it seems like all we hear about today is the common core standards and how politicians are pushing for students to be "college ready." How can we make learning fun again? Here are ten ways to help you engage students and make learning fun.

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Create Simple Science Experiments

Incorporating anything that is hands-on is a great way to make learning fun! Try these simple science experiments that will have students exploring density and buoyancy, or try any of these five hands-on experiments. Before introducing any of these concepts use a graphic organizer to have students predict what they think will happen during every experiment they conduct.

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Allow Students to Work Together as a Team

There has been extensive research on using Cooperative learning strategies in the classroom. Research says that when students work together they retain information quicker and longer, they develop critical thinking skills, as well as build their communication skills. Those mentioned are just a few of the benefits Cooperative learning has on students. So how does Cooperative learning work? What are some common strategies used in the classroom? Get answers here:

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Incorporate Hands-on Activities

Hands-on activities are a fun way for students to learn. These alphabet activities are not just for preschoolers. Here you will find five fun hands-on alphabet activities that you can use in your learning centers. Activities include: The ABC'S Are All About Me, Magnetic Sequencing, Alphabet Directions, Alphabet Magic, and Mystery Box.

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Give Students a Brain Break

Elementary students work very hard each day and they deserve a little break. For most teachers, it's easy to see when your students had enough and are in need of a quick pick-me-up. Research has shown that students learn best when they have a brain break throughout the school day. What exactly is a brain break? Find out here.

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Go on a Field Trip

What's more fun than a field trip? Field trips are a great way for students to connect what they are learning in school, with the outside world. They get a hands-on view of everything they learned in school, and they get to connect what they learned, to what they are seeing at the exhibit. Here are 5 fun and exciting educational field trip ideas for your elementary school class.

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Make Review Time Fun

When your students here the words "It's review time" you may hear a few sighs and groans. You can turn those groans into grins if you make it a fun learning experience.  Here's a sample of the top 5 review activities to offer your students:

  1. Graffiti Wall
  2. 3-2-1 Review Strategy
  3. Post-it Practice
  4. Move Ahead of the Class
  5. Sink or Swim
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Incorperate Technology Into the Lessons

Technology is a great way to make learning fun again! Research has shown that using technology in the classroom can increase student learning and engagement. While using overhead projectors and tabletop computers can still facilitate student interest, they just may become a thing of the past. Apples' iPod, iPad and iPhone offer classroom apps that can meet all of your ​students' instructional needs.

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Create Fun Learning Centers

Any activity that gets students working together and up and moving around will be fun. Create fun learning centers s that give students a choice, like the Daily 5. Or, centers that allow them to use the computers, or iPads.

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Teach to the Students' Ability

Like most educators, you probably learned about Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory when you were in college. You learned about the eight different types of intelligence's that guide the way we learn and process information. Use this theory to teach to each students' ability. This will make learning much easier for the students, as well as a lot more fun!

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Limit Your Class Rules

Too many class rules and expectations can hinder learning. When the classroom environment resembles a boot camp, where is all the fun?  Choose 3-5 specific and attainable rules. The following article will give you a few tips on how to introduce your class rules, and why it's best to only have a few.