How to Make Selections in GIMP

Round-Up of GIMP's Selection Tools

GIMP offers a good range of tools for making selections that allow you to make quick and simple selections or more advanced selections. Selections allow you to edit specific parts of an image, and GIMP offers the power to target pixels very specifically based upon their color value, as well as the simpler option of making selections based upon shapes.

The following list offers a brief introduction to all of the selection tools available in GIMP and links to more in depth articles covering more information on each one.


Rectangle Select Tool


The Rectangle Select Tool in GIMP is perhaps the simplest of all the selection tools on offer. It can be used to select simple rectangular areas of pixels or can be combined with other selections to produce more complex selections of pixels.
More About the Rectangle Select Tool


Ellipse Select Tool


GIMP's Ellipse Select Tool is a relatively simple way to select pixels, but the various options make it rather more flexible than it may seem at first glance.
• More About the Ellipse Select Tool


Select by Color Tool


There are a range of options available when using the Select By Color Tool in GIMP and this is capable of making complex selections that just wouldn't be possible to achieve manually.
More About the Select by Color Tool


Scissors Select Tool


The GIMP Scissors Select Tool can be a quick way to select objects with strong edge contrast. This won't be suitable for use with all types of images as it can have difficulty recognizing edges where the contrast is not very pronounced.

• More About the Scissors Select Tool


Fuzzy Select Tool


The Fuzzy Select Tool in GIMP is a quick and easy way to select areas of an image that would be far too complex to achieve with many of the other GIMP selection tools.
• More About the Fuzzy Select Tool


Foreground Select Tool


The Foreground Select Tool attempts to make complex selections in an automatic way.

The effectiveness of this tool tends to vary from image to image, but when it works well, it can be a great time saver.
More About the Foreground Select Tool

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