How to Persevere through Anything

What is Perseverance?

There are a ton of dictionaries and articles describing perseverance, and all of them give apt descriptions of what it means to persevere.  Yet, there is one quote, oddly coming from the movie Galaxy Quest, that I find describes perseverance perfectly:  “Never give up.  Never surrender.”  These simple two sentences explain what it means to persevere, or stick to a goal no matter how many times you’re knocked down or fail.

  Everyone has varying levels of innate perseverance, but sometimes we need a little help.  Obstacles and failure can get overwhelming, so finding our inner perseverance can be important.

What are the Benefits of Not Giving Up?

Perseverance takes effort and practice.  It’s not something that comes easy to anyone.  Sure, some people have more ability to stick to their guns a little more than others, but that’s not always because their lives are easier.  It takes hard work.  Yet, in the end, that work can pay off in ways most people can’t imagine.

First, perseverance can often end in success, which is the goal of persevering in the first place.  Giving up too early can mean missing out on ultimate success.  There are incredible lessons in failure that we often dismiss in order to only go after quick and easily attainable goals.  Many people have failed time and time again, only to persevere and find that they are not only successful, but have become stronger in the process.


We also need to remember that God doesn’t always allow our lives to be easy, and He doesn’t always give us goals that come without pain or difficult times.  Sometimes His lessons are in what happens to us along our journey toward His ultimate goals for us.  As we persevere through tough times we learn to be more confident, we get things done, we build our skills, and we start to learn who we really are.

  We learn that failure isn’t the end of the world, and that sometimes those failures lead us to bigger and better things.

Also, remember, when you persevere, you avoid regret.  For some, they live with the weight of all the things they didn’t do or didn’t try.  They live with the question of “What if…” in every area of their lives.  Maybe if they’d tried harder.  Maybe if they hadn’t given up.  When we persevere, we lose a sense of regret, whether we succeed or fail, regret doesn’t have room to rear up in our lives later.

Ways to Build Your Perseverance:

As said before, perseverance takes work, especially when things become really tough.  However, every time we persevere through one thing, it makes the next challenge that much easier to face.  Here are some things you can do now to persevere:

  • Trust in God.  Sometimes we forget that God is there when we need Him.  We realize He has a goal for us, and then we figure we have to do it on our own.  However, when God is in the mix, anything is possible.  Sometimes we think we know what He wants, and we run off to do it, only to realize He has something else in mind.  Trust in God to give you strength and guidance along the way.  He is our greatest strength.
  • Start small.  Do you find yourself giving up easily almost every time you face a challenge?  Then try to go smaller.  Sometimes we think perseverance comes from taking on the big things, but often we build up our ability to persevere by sticking to the small things and letting them grow over time.  Try starting out with small goals that have small, but still tough, challenges.  As you find small successes, suddenly the big things don’t seem so overwhelming.
  • Be optimistic.  Often the biggest saboteur of our goals is ourselves.  We allow fear to walk all over us and turn something great into something negative.  We teach ourselves to lower expectations so we won’t be disappointed when we fail.  However, when we talk optimistically about our goals, about the things we’re doing to meet those goals, we can find perseverance coming a little easier.
  • Tune out the doubters.  People are going to doubt you, and many are going to stand in your way.  Perseverance comes from tuning out those that doubt.  It’s not easy, and it takes a great deal of strength.  However, when it’s something you really want, something you know you can do, let those thoughts drive you - not what others think.
  • Let others help.  God gives us family, friends, teachers and more to help us.  He knows how hard it is to do things by ourselves, so allow those that believe in you to help.  Allow them into your thinking, your process, and let them be your biggest cheerleaders.  Sometimes we need that help along the way, and it’s okay.  You don’t have to persevere alone.  God provides those that can get us where we need to go.