How to Play the Lucky Ladies Blackjack Bonus Bet

Lucky Ladies
Lucky Ladies. Photo Courtesy (Galaxy Gaming)

Lucky Ladies is one of the most popular casino blackjack bonus bets. It is a side-bet, made in addition to the standard blackjack bet and pays a bonus based on your first two cards only. The regular game of blackjack offered on the table you choose is not changed at all. Whatever standard rules are offered, you'll still have those in use during your regular blackjack play. The only difference is that you'll also have money riding on the Lucky Ladies bonus bet if you choose play the side bet.

To play Lucky Ladies you must first make a standard blackjack bet. Once you have your bet in the larger betting circle, place a bet of at least $1 in the small circle for Lucky Ladies. The dealer will be happy to assist you with minimums and maximums, although most properties allow a maximum $25 wager on Lucky Ladies. You'll also find that the Lucky Ladies payoffs can vary from casino to casino.

Playing Lucky Ladies

Once you have made your blackjack wager and your Lucky Ladies wager you just have to wait for the dealer to deliver your blackjack hand. If your first two cards total 20, you win. If your first two cards do not total 20, the bonus bet is lost. The payoff schedule you will most often see in casinos for a $1 wager follows.

Payoff Schedule

  • 4-1 or $4 if your first two cards total 20
  • 9-1 or $9 if your first two cards total 20 and are the same suit
  • 19-1 or $19 if your first two cards total 20 and are exact matches
  • 125-1 or $125 if your first two cards are both Queen of Hearts
  • 1000-1 or $1000 if your first two cards are both Queen of Hearts and the dealer has a blackjack

Lucky Ladies House Percentage

So, what's wrong with that you ask? Nothing. Enjoy. But remember, many blackjack bonus bets carry a heavy price because the casino has such a huge edge.

Lucky Ladies is certainly no exception. In fact, with a house edge of 24.7 percent for the above schedule with a six-deck shoe, the Lucky Ladies bet will cost the average player 10 times as much to play per dollar wagered than the standard blackjack bet.

Some casinos offer Lucky Ladies with one of two other pay tables. One pays 200 to 1 for the two queens and no dealer blackjack. The house edge is 17.6 percent with a six-deck shoe. The third variation pays 250 to 1 for two queens and a dealer blackjack and has a house edge of 29.9 percent.

Of course, if you do hit the 1000 to 1 bonus, you will be more than happy you played the bet. And, the IRS will be happy too, because the casino will break out a nice W-2G form for you after you supply an ID and social security number. Bummer. Any jackpot or bonus bet that is 300-1 and more than $600 is taxable.