How to Register for the SAT

Taking the SAT Test
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It probably feels like such a big step when you make plans to register for the SAT. First, you have to figure out what the Redesigned SAT even is, and then decide between that and the ACT. Then, once you've decided you're going to take the SAT, you need to figure out the SAT Test Dates and follow these easy instructions to register to make sure you have a spot on test day. 

Benefits of Registering for the SAT Online

There are a ton of good reasons to complete your registration online. In most cases, you'll have to. Only a few people can complete their registration via the mail. But if you do complete your registration online, you'll get an immediate registration confirmation so you won't be left wondering if you've done it correctly or not. You'll also be able to choose your test center and SAT test date in real-time, which gives you immediate access to real-time availability. You'll get online access for corrections to your registration and printing of your admissions ticket, which you'll need to bring with you to the testing center. Plus, you'll get easy access to Score Choice™ to select scores from prior test dates to send to colleges, universities, and scholarship programs. 

How To Register for the SAT Online

In order to register for the SAT online, complete the following steps:

  • Set aside 45 minutes
  • Go to the SAT registration website or ask your high school counselor for flyers that explain how to register. 
  • Click "Sign-up Now" once you've entered the website.
  • Create a College Board Profile (Stuff you'll need to know before you begin!)
  • Pay!
  • Receive your registration confirmation and you're finished!

Qualifications to Register for the SAT by Mail

Not just anyone can register by mail. You have to meet some qualifications. In order to register for the SAT by mail, one or more of the following has to be true:

  • You want to pay by check or money order. You obviously can't do that online. 
  • You are younger than 13. In fact, if you're testing and you're under the age of 13, the College Board requires you to register via mail.
  • You need to test on a Sunday for religious reasons for the first time. If it's your second time testing on a Sunday, you can register online. 
  • There isn't a test center near your home. You can request a test center change via mail, but you can't online. On the registration form, enter code 02000 as your first-choice test center. Leave the second-choice test center blank.
  • You're testing in certain countries that don't have online registration available or are registering through an international representative.
  • You can't upload a digital photo of yourself. If you don't have access to a digital camera or phone, then you can mail in an approved photo with your paper registration.

How To Register for the SAT by Mail

  • Obtain a copy of the SAT Paper Registration Guide in your guidance counselor's office.
  • Find the College Board code numbers for college majors you're interested in, college and scholarship programs, test centers and high schools. You can find these code numbers on the College Board website by doing a code search or you can ask for the list of codes in your guidance counselor's office.
  • Look up your country code. The US code is 000.
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