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Rock and Roll Skateboarding Trick Tip

Rock and Roll Skateboarding Trick Tip - Slam City Jam
Rock and Roll Instructions. Photo: Jamie O'Clock

The Rock and Roll is a cool skateboarding trick to learn. The Rock and Roll is where the skater rides up a ramp and, right at the top, rocks his or her front trucks over the edge. Then, the skater pivots on his or her back trucks doing a kickturn, and rides back down the ramp.

The Rock and Roll is very similar to the Rock to Fakie, another skateboarding trick. Before you learn how to rock and roll, you really should learn how to rock to fakie. You also want to have kickturns down, and feel comfortable doing them on a ramp.

Like with every other skateboarding trick tip, make sure you read though all of these instructions before you head out and try it. Make sure it makes sense to you, and that you can picture yourself on the ramp, doing it on your skateboard.

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Rock and Roll - Stance and Approach

Tyler Millhouse - Rock and Roll Skateboarding Trick Tip
Skater: Tyler Millhouse. Photo: Michael Andrus
Put your feet in the same position that worked for you for the rock to fakie. I like having my front foot over the front trucks, with the back screws of the front trucks showing next to my foot. So, my foot is just a little forward. But, if you have already practiced the rock to fakie, then you should know what worked for you, and start off with that. If you want to tweak it later, feel free! You're the one riding the skateboard!

Ride directly up the ramp, just like with the rock to fakie. You want enough speed to get your front trucks over the coping again.

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Rock and Roll - Rock and Wind

Rock and Roll Skateboarding Trick Tip
Rock and Roll Skateboarding Trick Tip. Photo: ESPN Event Images

Ride up and lean forward, toward the nose of your skateboard, and put your front trucks over the coping. You want to land so that the edge of the ramp (the coping) is directly in the middle of your deck.

Putting your weight on your forward foot, rock the board up. While doing this, turn your arms in the direction that you will pivot. For the first time, I recommend doing a [link url/od/skateboardingdictionary/g/GlosBackside.htm]backside turn (so your arms should be to the right if you ride regular, and to the left if you ride goofy. That's the direction you are about to turn). In the photo, the skater is about to do a frontside pivot, which is the harder one. If I were you, I would start off learning the backside pivot!

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Rock and Roll - Kickturn Pivot and Ride

How to Rock and Roll Skateboarding Trick Instructions
Skater: Tyler Millhouse. Photo: Michael Andrus
Now, when you feel that you are about to ride back down the ramp, shift your weight to your back trucks, unwind your arms and pivot.

This is a lot like a kickturn. You should pivot all the way around, 180 degrees. You should feel like you are whipping around, and it should feel fun! Or, at least exciting.

When your front trucks land, you want your weight on them. Don't lean up the ramp. Make sure you keep your weight down the ramp, on the front foot when it lands.

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Rock and Roll - Problems and Variations

Rock and Roll Skateboarding Trick Instructions and Help
How to Rock and Roll. Photo: Michael Andrus

Most of the problems are the same as with rock to fakies - A lot of rock and roll problems have to do with skaters not taking the time to first get used to riding, and not making sure that they can rock to fakie first. Make sure that you are comfortable riding around, and that you know what it feels like to ride a ramp. If you can't ride up a ramp, kickturn, and ride back down, then you should get comfortable with that first.

There is also the unfortunate problem where you can ride up the ramp, get your trucks over the edge, and then your trucks get stuck there and you fall. This can hurt. The problem is that you are just barely getting those trucks over the coping, and that you aren't shifting your weight the right way. Try and get those trucks way over the edge, make sure you get a real rock forward in there, and then when you rock back it will be easy for your front trucks to pop back over the edge.

Another problem is with the kickturn, when you have a hard time with getting it all the way around 180 degrees. To solve this problem, just try riding straight up a ramp and kickturning on the side of the ramp, and riding straight back down. Once you have that figured out, you should be ready.

The basic variation of the rock and roll is to try it frontside. The frontside rock and roll is a lot harder, but once you have the backside rock and roll figured out, you should certainly try it!

After learning to Rock to Fakie, try Axle Stalls.